Dr. H Douglas WilliamsThis site was setup to display and communicate our support for Dr. Williams, Superintendent of the Metropolitan School District of Perry Township.

After the school board meeting of Monday, November 13th where Dr. Williams was placed on administrative leave by four of the seven school board members.

Some details of the meeting can be found here in an article on the Indianapolis Star website.

Source: IndyStar - Perry schools chief placed on leave

This website will function as a place for concerned parents, students, teachers and other educators to voice their concerns and support for the current situation taking place in Perry Township. In addition, we will be pursuing actions to file a petition for the dismissal of current school board president, Susan Adams.

The content on this site will continue to expand to provide more information to everyone so that we can all be informed and be able to express our concerns and VOICE our opinions instead of being silenced by some of the members of the board and others.

The “News” section above will be the location where regular thoughts and comments will be added as things unfold in the township regarding this most recent decision. I will be adding the ability for you to subscribe via e-mail to updates as they happen on the site.

If you would like to submit an editorial on your thoughts and opinions, please just e-mail me what you’d like to be published and I will post it on the site as quickly as possible for everyone to read.

I sternly urge everyone to maintain civility and respect inĀ your editorials and comments on this website as I WILL edit and or delete any comments which are purely personal attacks or do not present the known facts accurately.

Please e-mail me your thoughts on additions for this website and we’ll try to take care of them as quickly as possible if we can.

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