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Compelled to Write - Threatening E-mail?

Here’s another e-mail I’ve received that was sent to Nancy Walsh, again far from “threatening” in my opinion.

Dear Mrs. Walsh,
I am sure you are receiving many emails today due to your vote to remove Doug Williams as our Superintendent so I will keep this short as a courtesy to you.¬ I am a resident in Perry Twp.¬ I am, also,¬ an employee in Perry Twp.¬ I just felt compelled to write and say how saddened and hurt I am by your vote Mon. night.¬ I teach in a Perry Elementary and the morale at our school today was as low as I have ever seen.¬ Please do not take this email as an attack or threat to you. IT IS NOT.¬ I just wanted you to know that I am but one of many, many teachers who feel helpless and defeated by your actions.¬ If it is not too late, please reconsider what you have done and give us back our leader, Dr. Williams.¬ Thank you for taking the time to read this.
T. Nance

If My Kids Were Abused, Would I Express It In Public?

Very strong accusations by Google Researcher, be sure and read my response at the end.

Jason ~

If your son or daughter was abused in PT would you be eager to argue about the tragedy in a public forum? Exposing all the private details of that abuse? Would you want to prove to nah-sayers that your daughter was raped by a teacher? That your son was unconstitutionally beaten by the PT police force? That your 7 year old was locked in a closet? That your teenage boy was locked in the janitor’s closet and searched by a female dean?

For several years children and/or their parents have come to my home and shared details of their abuses. All of them went to Williams about it. All were summarily dismissed.

Abuse occurs, generally, in secret. Williams has kept many abuses secret. In fact, he kept secret certain information that should have been taken to the PT School Board.

I sincerely hope that the new school board will discuss ways of implementing a protocol with regard to PT children being abused by the very persons charged to protect them. Not sit and do nothing about the abuse, even when the children cry to them for assistance.

Williams was the coward. He refused to investigate many complaints of abuse by his administrators, peers, staff, and employees. These acts contributed to the abuse the children had to endure.

Williams is gone. It is a done deal. Long overdue, in my personal opinion and experience with Mr. Williams. Let the dust settle so that we can all work together to improve our community schools.

Before you reply to this response, Jason, please give serious thought about whether you would honestly speak publicly with regard to your children being abused by PT employees. Would you seriously want to expose your child’s private hurts in a public forum? I doubt that many of those parents will come visit your forum. Election ballots are secret and I am a little surprised with your suggestion that those in support of the new Board explain to you their positions and/or their vote.

I have tried to explain mine: I cried with greatest relief that Williams is now gone. I cried for the children whose abuses he refused to hear. It is time to focus on the future and put our energies to better use.

I bid the best of luck to all members of the current School Board. Your many tasks will be difficult. Find common ground and work for the improvement that is necessary. All of our children are relying on you.

Google Researcher


If my son or daughter was abused in any of the situations you’re accusations present, I would make it known to every media outlet in the country. If this had occurred, my son or daughter has already been hurt in the situation. Why in the world would I stay quiet of my expected result wasn’t handled appropriately? By staying quiet I continue to let the behaviour potentially occur to other innocent children. If these are true, PLEASE¬ PLEASE PLEASE come forward. This is what needs to be heard. We’re talking serious stuff here folks. These are CRIMINAL accusations and if they are true then those responsible, whoever they are, should be behind bars! COME FORWARD!

What would it take?

Here’s another e-mail. Again, not threatening in my opinion.

Dear Ms. Adams,
Is there anything that the constituents could do that would make you reconsider your position on the vote last evening?¬ My question to you is, “What would it take?”¬ Or, are you set on your decision no matter what percentage of the voting population agree with you or not?
This is not intended to be disrespectful.¬ It is merely a question.¬ What would it take for you to reconsider your position?
Hindsight being 20/20 — Last night you stated that you were tired of the threats.¬ The threat that Dr. Williams would quit if you had another “No” vote against him.¬ Why didn’t you just vote no against Dr. Williams and let him resign as you indicated that he threatened to do if you opposed him?¬ That would have save the taxpayers a lot of money.¬ Simple solution.

No response from Adams on this request.

Steve Maple Has Not Received Any Threatening E-mails

I have received a response from Steve Maple and he says he has not received any threatening e-mails. This is good news. Hopefully it means that people have been civil and respectful in their communication with him.

Threatening E-mail #1?

Here’s my first response from someone that’s willing to share their e-mail they sent to the board. Although stern, I don’t think I would come close to considering this as crude or “threatening”.

To certain members of the Perry Township School Board:

I am writing to you as a concerned constituent and Alumnus of Southport High School in regard to the effective termination of Superintendent Douglas H Williams.

Upon this evening’s board meeting, I was struck with what could only be described as your blatant and total disregard for the will and opinion of the community members which you claim to represent in your elected offices.¬ The condescension and disrespect shown by certain of you for the community members to which you owe your offices is inexcusable. This is, of course, in addition to the underhanded and furtive way that the item of Dr. Williams dismissal was introduced to the agenda in the first place.¬ Furthermore, though I listened very carefully, I heard few legitimate charges on the ability of Dr. Williams to perform his duties, the opposition relying instead on overblown personal affronts and tensions for the bulk of their argument.¬ Personal offenses of school board members have no business deciding the fate of the community’s education, and I fail to see how what can only be described as the fulfillment of a personal vendetta fits into your collective job description, being to oversee the education of Perry Township students.

Dr. Williams is a fine man and has performed his duties with honor. Despite what your personal feelings may be about him, he has led this township well and has earned the respect of the community, which is more than I can say for the majority of the Perry Township School Board this evening.¬ With your offices, you have been entrusted with the duty to uphold the will of the people.¬ Tonight you broke that trust, and for that you have lost not only my respect, you have lost my vote.
Ryan Young
Southport Class of 2003
3325 Broadview Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46227
(317) 888-6680

I believe it should also be noted that the only response received by Ryan from a board member was from the President, Susan Adams:

69,000 voters think otherwise. ¬ I think I have heard from all of them.

69,000? Hopefully she can find some time to forward me some of those e-mails she’s received.

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