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Barbara Thompson’s Website Content

ADMIN NOTE: The following text has been taken from archived files from the website Barbara Thompson had setup during her campaign for the school board in the past elections. Similarly to website, the sites were taken offline shortly before/after the lawyers were brought in to investigate Dr. Williams. In case you missed it the first time, here’s the content of her website before being taken offline. Regretfully, she had posted some content of letters that were in an image format and were not archived with the rest of the content. Don’t ask me why the page title’s don’t make sense, I grabbed them directly from the archives in the format and page titles that were provided.

Continue reading ‘Barbara Thompson’s Website Content’ Website Content Back Online

For anyone that’s interested and didn’t get a chance to read through the website that Susan Adams setup to put her side of things online, here it is. I was able to obtain copies of the original files from an individual who thoughfully saved them to their harddrive before the sites were taken down. For a little while, you could also review the text through archives of the pages that were made by Google.

For the website, there are basically only two pages:

More Developments with No Child Left Behind

Recent comments on this site have been centered around the agreement or disagreement with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program by Dr. Williams and other teachers and administrators.

Here’s an interesting post about proposed changes and the responses to those changes.

More federal mandates proposed by NCLB commission

Business Friends, Gifts and Information

Teresa Smith recently posted this comment that was very resourceful and helpful as we continue to look at the situation in Perry Township and determine the best process and path to come out of it as well as possible. I wanted to bring it to the forefront considering it’s length and breadth of the information provided.

Friendships in business! Everybody has friendships in business unless you are just socially inappropriate. If you can’t get along with others, then you get marked down on your performance review. However, if you get along well with others, then you have friendships thrown back in your face if somebody doesn’t like the person that people perceive as your friend.

Another business observation! When you do a lot of business with a service provider, they send you gifts. It is their way of saying thank you. It is not to bribe. They will invite you to golf outings. Now, you are immediately labeled as “golf buddies.” I have attended golf outings and didn’t even like the way a person on my foursome behaved. However, every time that we were in a meeting that person greeted me as their golf buddy. It isn’t always as it appears.

It is amazing how you can take any statement and/or an act of kindness and twist it to make a person look bad.

I have personally requested information from both Terry Rice and Bill Brown. They didn’t ask my loyalties (which at the time I didn’t have any.) I told them I was trying to find facts. They gave me information that I requested which was public information. They had it ready in a matter of hours. They were both extremely professional and extremely concerned about Perry Township.

Now many people will say, well their just concerned about their jobs — look in the mirror — wouln’t you be concerned about your job if this was going on in your corporation.

Mr. Nance’s position is very rational. You can’t say one thing one meeting — look at how it came across before the next meeting — and then turn around and back track the next meeting. The 4 women are extremely unprofessional. They look like little girls trying to play house. They don’t know what they are doing and overexaggerate which further emphasizes their inexperience.

They pull out insignificant facts and throw them out. For example, Mrs. Walsh’s fact finding that Doug Williams played golf with a well respected firm in the building community. So, let’s go through the process again. The end result is it will delay the project and inconvenience the teachers and the students. Then, my prediction is at the end of the exercise, they will pick some immaterial item and switch firms and exaggerate their finding. In the process, they will give bad PR to the firm. All of this to support what they are doing.

Why didn’t Dr. Williams write a letter directly to the board? — Answer — his attorneys advised him not to. The letter that was read was written by his attorneys. If you are not familiar with the process, the attorney sends the letter to the client for review and approval of submission. It is a letter from Dr. Williams — it just has to be sent through his representave — his attorney.

In my opinion, the four women have just been advised from their attorney that they have no grounds to proceed with termination. The attorney has advised them that he can’t help. Now, they are going for a second opinion.

I would like for the women to have John Bailey speak for himself at the next school board meeting. I have personally observed Susan Adams taking information from a committee meeting and reporting it inaccurately. She was challenged on her report from Mr. Maples and Mr. Nichols agreed with Mr. Maples. So, what did John Bailey really advise? Let’s get his professional legal opinion straight from him.

Susan Adams stated that Dr. Williams had lost her trust. They have lost our trust, but unfortunately, we can’t put them on leave.

I find it amazing that all four of the women’s comments were praising teachers. Isn’t it ironic thay they are all on the “same page” and their closing comments were the same topic!

I urge all teachers, administrators, and orange people (of which I am one) to do the following: do not let them suck you in emotionally when they are acting so ridiculous. That is their game. They have had a life time of practice at being “drama queens.” I have done a lot of fact finding and questioning about the women. Many of their personal sources said that they have a history of this type of behavior. The majority of people that I have met in this process are not like nor act like they do. So, we react because we can’t believe the things that they say and do.

They look bad when they do it. However, if we get sucked in, we look bad, too. We are better than that. Warn new comers that it is easy to get sucked in by the ridiculous behavior.

I thought the speakers did an excellent job at the close of the meeting. They represented us well!!! Thank you for getting up and supporting the cause.

Ruby Alexander is wrong. This isn’t about Dr. Williams. It started out about Dr. Williams, but it has escalated into something far greater. We know that there are many people who can fill the role of superintendent. It is our right to think that we have the best superintendent for our school system — we are entitled to our opinion. It isn’t about one person. It is about stopping destructive behavior. We are Perry Township citizens. We have 4 women who have taken matters into their own hands. They are holidng our township schools hostage. They are preventing our business of education from functioning in what is already tough educational times. They threw out and continue to throw out peoples’ rights. They abuse their power and demean employees of the township. They continually report incorrect facts. They say one thing one meeting and then turn 180 degrees and say another thing the next meeting. They are so cowardly that they use technicalities to not listen to their citizens. So, orange people we have become — not by choice — not by want — but by desparation to TAKE BACK PERRY SCHOOLS.

Susan Adams Registers Her Own Domain Name

If you attended tonight’s board meeting, you probably heard that Susan Adams said she has setup her own website to help share the truth.

As you can see from the screen captures below, as of 11:39pm on Monday, January 22, 2007, she’s got plenty of work to do to get her information up there.

Susan Adams Registers Domain Name

I’m not sure what to expect from her website. According to the information below, she just registered the domain this afternoon at 2:57pm. Considering she’s not too interested in hearing public comment, I’m doubting that she’ll allow people to comment on the website itself. Maybe I’ll be wrong, if I am I had better see nothing but civility from our supporters on their website. She, or whomever registered the domain name also did it privately, guess they’re not interested in people knowing how small their “majority” really is nowadays.

Susan Adams Registers Domain Name Less Than 9 hours ago

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