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Farewell Dr. Williams

At least part of the drama that’s been in the limelight of Perry Township for almost a year is now over. The IndyStar announced earlier this evening that Dr. Williams and the Perry Township School Board have reached a settlement.

As soon as I heard about the settlement, I knew what would happen on the discussion boards and I was correct. People are claiming that Dr. Williams settled because he knew he was guilty and couldn’t afford for the truth to come out with the charges against him.

I think that’s the furthest thing from the truth. If he was really concerned about that, he would have settled long ago. The board had nothing on him with terminating his contract over, if they did they would have done it long ago and not had to pay him a dime.

Instead, he works with the board trying to come to a settlement to help the township get over this dark age in educational process and move forward. Sadly, the political system is slightly messed up in that there’s no way to get rid of an elected official in the state of Indiana. Even if Dr. Williams had gotten his job back, who would or could have worked with this board and gotten anything productive accomplished?

Best of luck to you Dr. Williams. You were greatly wronged in this entire ordeal and hopefully you’ll find a school district and school board that’s willing to take advantage of your knowledge and leadership and make positive changes in your new endeavors.

Nancy Walsh Undermines School Administration and Holds Mock Graduation Ceremony

Nancy Walsh Mock Graduation Ceremony

First let me say that the reason I’m posting this entry on this site and not the Take Back Perry Schools website is that my opinion may not reflect the opinion of TBPS as a whole. I’m sharing this as an individual that’s concerned about having someone like Nancy Walsh responsible for our school system.

The story goes that recently at Perry Meridian High School there were a group of guys that were caught by police on top of the school building vandalizing property and just some general pre-graduation pranking going on. I’m not interested in getting these students in more trouble than they’ve already been in, which was defined by the school administration as being expelled for 5 days which included their graduation commencement ceremony this past Friday I believe. I’m not sure whether or not any police charges were brought against the individuals, but for me that part’s not important.

I found these photos as I was browsing around Facebook and MySpace pages after initially hearing about the event taking place. My account of the story comes from bits and pieces I’ve heard from a variety of sources as to what occurred.

What is important is that these students had more than likely been warned, along with the entire student body about pulling pranks like this before graduation and were probably told that there would be consequences for these types of actions if they were pulled. They decided to do it, they got caught and the suffered the consequences. I’m not sure if the students were really upset about everything, but I’m sure their parents were pretty ticked off at them. Included in those parents that were upset, was none other than MSDPT School Board Vice-President, Nancy Walsh.

As some point after the event, Nancy Walsh called the school and said that she would be coming in for something acting on behalf of the school board. When she arrived the principal was not available and she proceeded to tell whomever she was speaking to that she wanted the diplomas of the students that were expelled and that they deserved to have a ceremony because of all their hard work the previous 4 years. She reminded them that she was acting on behalf of the school board and proceeded to stage a mock graduation commencement in the school guidance office.

From what I’ve heard, someone hummed the melody to Pomp & Circumstance while someone else read their names alphabetically and they walked to Nancy Walsh and received their diplomas.

Regardless of whether or not you think these boys deserved to walk in their graduation, or whether or not Walsh’s mock ceremony was a disgrace to all the other students who also worked hard and took their education a little bit more seriously than others, there’s a more important issue at hand.

Nancy Walsh arrived on school property, announced that she was acting on behalf of the board and decided to undermine every bit of authority and leadership that the school administration had in handing down their decision against these four students. I’ve emailed every board member and acting superintendent Dennis Nichols asking if indeed, they were aware of Nancy’s actions prior to her arriving at the school. When I hear back from them I will confirm whether or not they were informed of that decision.

UPDATE: I’ve heard back from Steve Maples, Gayle Houchin and Jo Ellen Buffie that they were in no way informed of these actions prior to them taking place. Now the question is whether or not the “board majority” knew about it, if they did then here again they’re making decisions for the district without including all board members.

The crux of the problem is that Nancy Walsh, or any other board member for that matter, have absolutely no power or authority as individuals outside of a school board meeting. There are some occasions where the board would ask a board member to do something, but it’s my understanding if that was the case a motion would have been passed at a meeting and all board members would have voted. Upon the result of that vote, the board member either would have or would not have acted on “behalf” of the board.

Yet, it’s her opinion and will that she can walk into any school in our township and make students, administrators or staff do whatever she wants. If that’s not an example of micro-management, I don’t know what it would be. Then there is of course the issue of undermining the authority of the entire staff at a school. If she doesn’t agree with it, she overrides whatever she wants and forces her will upon others. Could it be these types of actions, while on the board and previous, are exactly the ones she was reprimanded for by Dr. Williams? And could it be that her response to his authority over that misguided behavior is exactly the thing that pushed her over the edge against Dr. Williams?

If anyone has additional details or thoughts they’d like to share, please leave me a comment.

Request to Students: What Has Dr. Williams Done for You?

With all the news that’s come out recently with the school board and Dr. Williams, along with the hundreds of comments on the IndyStar Topix blogs, there’s been one question I’ve continued to key in on. Lots of people have said that Dr. Williams never put the kids first or asked the question of what he’s actually done for kids. Here’s my request.

If you’re a student, past or present, I’d love to hear examples of what Dr. Williams has done for you. These can be either personal experiences you’ve had with him, or maybe even programs that he was influential in putting in place that you were able to benefit from during your school years.

As I’ve done before, I’m only interested in positive statements from students. I’ll just delete anything else on this one. Go find another post or another website if you want to post negative comments here. I’d be particularly interested in hearing input from any student that was involved in the “Ragtime” play.

Show Your Support for Dr. Williams

In the recent open, public forum from Take Back Perry Schools, it was suggested that one thing the public can do is get behind Dr. Williams and let him know exactly how much we support him and what he’s done for our township. Here’s your chance to do just that. Just leave your comment below to Dr. Williams.

Note: This is the We Support Williams website and I’ll be deleting any negative comments towards Dr. Williams on this post. Feel free to share your negative thoughts on your own website if you’d like.

IndyStar Agrees That Board Has No Evidence

In a recent editorial in the IndyStar, the author states that the board doesn’t have any evidence to support their suspension of Dr. Williams and therefore should proceed with reinstating him to his position.

School Board members, as elected leaders, bear responsibility for bringing facts, not hearsay, to the public’s attention. Much of the “evidence” put forward to justify Williams’ suspension fails to rise above the “he said, she said” variety of accusations. Unless board members can provide the public with more substantive reasons for requiring the leave of absence, the superintendent should be reinstated.

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