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An E-mail Response from Nancy Walsh

I received the e-mail below from a parent that has been in communication with Nancy Walsh. She received permission from Nancy Walsh to post her e-mail on the website below to share with our readers.Â

I have been cooresponding with Nancy Walsh in an effort to get some answers to some questions. i know alot of other people have tried to do the same, this is the email that answered some of them, i asked her if it was ok to post it and she said yes, so if you would like to post this on the take back perry township website or anywhere else you are welcome to. thank you for all your hard work.Â

Nancy Walsh wrote:

Dear Angi,

I only have time for a quick reply. I appreciate your e-mail and I look forward to reading it more closely as soon as time permits. In the meantime, I do want to respond to your request for certain facts. Angi-on my honor, I tell you the group of 4 women have NEVER met together since we have been on the board. That would be a violation of Indiana’s Open Door Law, so we aren’t allowed and simply never have.

Additionally, the board did meet with a mediator and Gayle Houchin misrepresented in an e-mail that we were admonished by the mediator, whose name is Michael Adamson. He works the the Indiana School Board Association, and I actually spoke to him on the phone after Gayle’s allegation to make sure I didn’t miss any such admonishment. He confirmed for me that I had recalled correctly, and he never told the 4 women in question that they were handling things wrong.

Please understand that I think this entire situation is heartwrenching for many people. There is certainly an appearance that this was handled in a very questionable way. Although I’ve been accused as the mastermind/instigator/puppeteer, none of that is true. I was the LAST woman of the 4 to agree to take action against Doug Williams. I have a masters degree in Public Administation-with a concentration in Personnel Management and Labor Relations. This was not a decision I entered lightly and I absolutely agonized over it. My hands are somewhat tied with respect to what I can represent, and on a personal level I respect Dr.Williams enough that I really don’t want to assassinate his character. Unfortunately, for the time being, I’m afraid t Board members will be target of character assassinations, but, as I said before, doing the right thing is not always the easy thing.

As far as the question about mediation, I had spoken to Steve days before the meeting and offered a compromise to Steve’s proposal that the Board sit down and begin talking, without Dr. Williams. He rejected my request, even though I knew it was the only thing the group was going to agree to. I have since joined forces w/JoEllen Buffie and re-issued my request that the Board of 7 meet with a mediator to begin the healing process. We have to start somewhere.

As for the question of forgiveness, thank you for your message. I am in constant prayer and I am really saddened that people think I am bitter. I am not mad at anyone, although I am disappointed in some of them. I honestly am forgiving people as they are saying and doing things against me. I feel badly that some people are questioning my Christianity, but I take comfort in knowing that God is my judge.

Wish I had more time. It is great to hear from you. I care deeply about doing the right thing. Let’s keep in touch. I don’t have all the answers, so I enjoy hearing what other people have to say, (so you don’t need to apologize for being chatty.)

God Bless You,

Two Sides to Every Story

I’m responding specifically to a portion of a comment by Richard Tuber.

Mr. Bean, there is 2 sides to every story and I think that it would be in your best interest and the interest of you children to learn them.

Richard you’re absolutely right. There are two sides to every story. Which again has been my purpose from day one. It’s the information I still request from those not in support of Dr. Williams and I still have not received any details of, only empty accusations by anonymous accusers.

Response to Sandy Baker’s Comments

I’m not sure who Sandy Baker is, but I wanted to pull out her comments and respond to them as well.Â

Where does one start when trying to talk to a mad mob? First of all GROW UP! Isn’t this supposed to be about the children and their education?? Sorry if a millionaire superintendent finally has to stop sponging off of the schools! Seriously! Is he worth the 200,000 a year that we give him?

I’ll admit with you Sandy, I wish people would do a better job of controlling their emotions. Notice I didn’t say bury it, but control it. I’ve never had a problem with how much one person makes over another person. In the case with Dr. Williams, if you don’t like how much he’s making, then you need to take it up with your school board that you support. They just renewed his $179K/yr contract. Ask them if he’s worth it, they sure acted like it five months ago.Â

I think that you should all quit villifying Mrs. Walsh and the school board. Look at your own failures and the failures and corruption of this superintendant that you all seem to feel so strongly about. Dr. Williams is the prime example of the “good old boys club”, hiring and giving raises to his friends and mistresses, to the detriment of our school system. He obviously has no regard for the school system or the welfare of the township since he has refused to work with the TOWNSHIP ELECTED school board in any way. He has happily created this atmosphere of fear and hatred that I have read about in these posts.

“Villifying” Mrs. Walsh and the school board? You mean like they’re villifying Dr. Williams? Please, highlight for me my failures or the failures of others that you’re so fully aware. Be careful though, because as you’ve cautioned us, it would probably be fitting to look at your own as you suggest. I’ve never said I thought Dr. Williams was perfect. I think there are issues that he did need to be reprimanded or been held accountable to the board and the township. However, I will stand behind my original comments that I am still searching (and haven’t received) actual, written, and confirmed accusations that are worthy of his dismissal from his position in the methods the board used. “friends” and “mistresses”, I’m not sure what world you’re living in, but if I ever have the opportunity to offer and/or work with my friends in business, I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE TO HIRE FRIENDS OVER ENEMIES, but ultimately the best person for the job. Please show me facts of how the people you’re accusing him of hiring have not done their job as expected. Should you really expect anyone to not do the same? Mistresses fall into more of the accusations I’ve heard rumors of, but no proof. I’m interested in facts, not accusations.

He seemed to think that he could get away with doing or saying absolutely anything. His lawyer isn’t defending him, why should you? I am thankful to live in a township where he cannot continue to misuse money meant for OUR CHILDREN for his vacations and those of his buddies. Are all of you supporters part of his special club? Gee sorry his best friends no longer make up the majority of the school board. Is that why he has acted so hatefully toward the newly elected board from the day they were elected? Unlike the school board, Dr. Williams was NOT elected by this community.

Regarding his comments that you have issue with, I’ll direct you to my previous post about being politically correct as a leader. His lawyer isn’t defending him? Please prove your accusations, details please. Misuse of money? Please provide details, I want facts. Let’s get it out in the open. “Special club”, “best friends”. Last time I checked, and by many of the board’s supporters, the school boards are elected every year. I’m not sure how Dr. Williams can be held responsible for his supporters being elected anymore than he’s responsible for getting his “enemies” elected to this one. It’s the voice of the voters that do this. Given your own desired request that Dr. Williams not hire and enlist the help of those that are in support of his goals and visions, look how well it’s working out for our district and our kids when there’s division among the school board.

Most of us ARE afraid of speaking up! Look at the way poor Mrs. Walsh has been treated, not to MENTION the vulgarities that have been posted about her ON SCHOOL PROPERTY right where all our children would see it on their way to school. Very mature you guys, way to be a role model to the children. Dr. Williams is viscious and his supporters are obviously without conscience! Until he is rightly put in his place (which is anywhere other than the superintendent’s office) and this rabid mob calms down, most of us won’t have the courage of Nancy Walsh to stand up publically and speak for what we know is right! What would the repercussions be? Is my house or my child going to be threatened? Are you going to spell out vulgarities about me?

I continue to hear this excuse among his supporters. Honestly, what are you afraid of? If you really are the majority, don’t you think your own supporters would stand-up next to you and support you in your cause? That looks a lot like what’s happening with those in support of Williams and from the comments from the board, we’re not even the majority. We’re not afraid, why are you? If Mrs. Walsh, or anyone else for that matter, can’t handle the pressure she’s experiencing because of her decision, then by all means she has an out. She had the opportunity this evening to take a big step in repairing her level of support and her reputation, she chose not to take it again. The other option is for her to step down from her position.

Regarding the vlugarities on school property, this is the second comment I’ve read about this but I don’t have any details. What was said? How long was it up? Regardless of those details, I adamantly request that this behaviour does not happen from anyone on either side of this debate. “His supporters are obviously without conscience” and “rabid mob”, that’s a strong blanket statement, as I’m sure you don’t like blanket statements against your side, don’t make them for your opponents. You only perpetuate the activity. Please, please, please…get some courage and encourage others against Dr. Williams to step up and show some courage and speak up. If you’re right, the truth will help everyone. Let’s get it out there.

Rushing, Hushing and Flushing

I received this comment from a concerned parent who does not reside in Perry Township. This person, not knowing all the facts or any history of what’s happening in the township, is more aghast at the behaviour of the board than anything else.

Proper PROCESS was completely disregarded. Deliberation, Information, DECISION was reached WITHOUT ALLOWING FOR PARTICIPATION from PUBLICLY-ELECTED members (whether or not this occured in the form of an “illegal meeting” - this is the reality of what was done). What was communicated to “swing-vote” member that was not shared with “those who were assumed to be supportive of the superintendent”? Adamant defense of the decision as “elected boardmembers with the right and responsibility to make this decision” while COMPLETELY disregarding the “right and responsibility” of the dissenting members.

Termination of executive employee with-or-without cause rail-roaded through meeting - without discussion, without providing explanation. This HAS or WILL COST:

  • complete RIFT between schoolboard and parents
  • rift between schoolboard and Teachers (PEA)
  • rift between majority and dissenting ELECTED boardmembers
  • 100’s of thousands of dollars in payroll
  • disruption to education of students

NO decision should have been made in this manner. But ESPECIALLY one with significant impact on the students and the possibility of costs anywhere near this. RUSHING, HUSHING, and FLUSHING *THIS* decision was reckless! There may have been very good reason to remove the superintendent AND it is WELL WITHIN the boundaries of the board of education to make that determination. BUT the MANNER of this decision indicates these people are not competent to serve in this role.

Conflict Resolution

The following post is from a concerned parent. She originally submitted it as a comment, but contacted me and asked to have it posted to the main page for her.

I know that I am only one person of many in this township and my views might be different than some, but I felt I needed to share my thoughts. I have heard many hateful statements from both sides of this argument and it makes my heart very sad. I graduated from Perry and could not wait to raise my kids in this township. My husband, who is from another state, did not understand why I would not even look at houses outside of Perry. When I tell people that I have lived here all my life and they look surprised, I simply tell them that Perry is different. You will meet a lot of people that stay in the area after they are grown. They have just as much pride in our community as I have.

I am not here to bad mouth anyone. But for the first time, I am not proud to say that I am from Perry. This situation has brought out the worst in MANY, a few have been very civilized. Even as I read this page I am sad that the communication has gotten so bad between EVERYONE in the school system. I have had a hard time explaining this situation to my 3rd grader. She has asked many times “Why don’t they do conflict resolution? (a term that she learned in SCHOOL) The worst part is that I don’t know how to answer her. I am sure that both sides have done wrong but this situation is more than one standing one’s ground or someone not apologizing. Both sides need to admit that they have made mistakes (we all do that is what makes us human!) and come together to discuss the future of this township. As my daughter would say conflict resolution! This can not happen until EVERYONE is willing to openly communicate before the pride is lost for all.

I wasn’t real sure how to categorize this post on the site. She’s neither in full support of one side or the other, she just wants a resolution to be identified and pursued for the betterment of the entire township, and that is her primary concern.

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