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UPDATE: This Domain Expires

Just a quick update to anyone that may visit this site or still be subscribed to updates. I have decided not to renew the website. I’ve exported and migrated all the posts from this site over to the website in order to archive them and not lose them.

Final Post

As far as I can tell, this will be the last post on the We Support Williams website.

Dr. Williams and the school board have reached a settlement and as Matthew Tully from the Indianapolis Star suggested, Dr. Williams is the “hero” and settling to help end this ordeal in Perry Township.

This website will remain available into the immediate future. I will decide what to do with permanently when the domain name is up for renewal.

Thanks to everyone that’s visited and shared your thoughts and opinions. Hopefully this has been enlightening to everyone to see just how important local elections are and the value of staying involved in your children’s education.

Admin / Jason Bean

Farewell Dr. Williams

At least part of the drama that’s been in the limelight of Perry Township for almost a year is now over. The IndyStar announced earlier this evening that Dr. Williams and the Perry Township School Board have reached a settlement.

As soon as I heard about the settlement, I knew what would happen on the discussion boards and I was correct. People are claiming that Dr. Williams settled because he knew he was guilty and couldn’t afford for the truth to come out with the charges against him.

I think that’s the furthest thing from the truth. If he was really concerned about that, he would have settled long ago. The board had nothing on him with terminating his contract over, if they did they would have done it long ago and not had to pay him a dime.

Instead, he works with the board trying to come to a settlement to help the township get over this dark age in educational process and move forward. Sadly, the political system is slightly messed up in that there’s no way to get rid of an elected official in the state of Indiana. Even if Dr. Williams had gotten his job back, who would or could have worked with this board and gotten anything productive accomplished?

Best of luck to you Dr. Williams. You were greatly wronged in this entire ordeal and hopefully you’ll find a school district and school board that’s willing to take advantage of your knowledge and leadership and make positive changes in your new endeavors.

Savage Board Members


This was a recent cartoon on the “Savage Chickens” website. The artist’s name is Doug Savage and he’s always sharing some great little comics on Post-It notes.

A Question of Salary

There have been numerous comments on the IndyStar Topix pages stating that Dr. Williams was grossly overpaid and not earning his money. I’d like to clarify some things along those lines by sharing some additional information. This information isn’t new, but it is pertinent to the situation.

Back in February, research took place about the average salaries of superintendents of townships our size (14,000 - 15,000 students). That range was from $175,000 to $225,000, with the average between $190K and $195K. Given that Dr. Williams salary package is at $189,000, I think the fact that we’ve got a multiple award-winning superintendent at that price is a pretty good deal.

Now, before people start arguing with me. Let’s also remember that his current salary was recently increased by members of the previous board along with members of the existing board. That same existing board also immediately approved increasing the pay of Mr. Nichols by $48,000 (from $112,000 up to $160,000). In addition, they immediately bought him a company car, an additional $35,000 in retirement and just also just voted to pay him for 20 vacation days, even though they just approved the new handbook which limited that to 15 days max.

My question then is this, for all of you complaining about how much Dr. Williams is making, which is more absurd? What he’s making as an award winning superintendent with his doctorate? Or, paying an interim superintendent with no doctorate, no awards and no experience $160,000 with another $70,000 in additional benefits?

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