Farewell Dr. Williams

At least part of the drama that’s been in the limelight of Perry Township for almost a year is now over. The IndyStar announced earlier this evening that Dr. Williams and the Perry Township School Board have reached a settlement.

As soon as I heard about the settlement, I knew what would happen on the discussion boards and I was correct. People are claiming that Dr. Williams settled because he knew he was guilty and couldn’t afford for the truth to come out with the charges against him.

I think that’s the furthest thing from the truth. If he was really concerned about that, he would have settled long ago. The board had nothing on him with terminating his contract over, if they did they would have done it long ago and not had to pay him a dime.

Instead, he works with the board trying to come to a settlement to help the township get over this dark age in educational process and move forward. Sadly, the political system is slightly messed up in that there’s no way to get rid of an elected official in the state of Indiana. Even if Dr. Williams had gotten his job back, who would or could have worked with this board and gotten anything productive accomplished?

Best of luck to you Dr. Williams. You were greatly wronged in this entire ordeal and hopefully you’ll find a school district and school board that’s willing to take advantage of your knowledge and leadership and make positive changes in your new endeavors.

3 Responses to “Farewell Dr. Williams”

  1. 1 Diane Metheny Jun 28th, 2007 at 10:16 am

    I sent this letter to the editor of the Star this morning. If it does not get published, I wanted the folks who visit this website to see it. Jason, I do hope you will keep this website open. We need to remain vigilent in our concern for the children of Perry Township, and we need to stay informed of future actions of this board. The problems in Perry Township are far from over.

    Letter to the editor:

    I have lived in Perry Township for over 40 years and have always been proud of its excellent school system, but today I am saddened by the dismal state of affairs in the MSD of Perry Township. The four majority members of the board may have thought that they won something in the resignation of Dr. Douglas Williams, but in fact, everyone involved has lost.

    The MSD of Perry Township has lost its long-standing reputation of being an excellent school system and has become the laughing stock of the metropolitan area–and beyond. The taxpayers of Perry Township have lost hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to pay attorney fees. The citizens who voted in the last election have lost because they voted without knowledge of the hidden agendas of two candidates. The schools have lost an untold number of excellent and experienced administrators and teachers. The remaining administrators have lost because they must try to carry on in the face of this debacle, knowing they hold their positions at the pleasure of four board members who seem obsessed with power and oblivious to the damage they’ve done. The teachers have lost a trusted and respected administrator and must now try to pick up the pieces of a school system demoralized by the actions of four board members. But saddest of all, our children have lost. Their needs have been ignored in this whole drama. Some of their beloved teachers and administrators have left; the rest are demoralized. The money that could have been used for instructional purposes was spent on attorney’s fees. Even the four majority board members have lost (whether they realize it or not); their names are anathema to the vast majority of concerned citizens in the township.

    Who’s the winner here? No one. We are all losers, thanks to four board members who somewhere along the way lost sight of their mission: to represent the majority of the citizens of Perry Township and to act in the best interest of the children enrolled in the Perry Township Schools.


    Diane Metheny

  2. 2 Mrs. Butler Jun 28th, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    Thank you for sending this letter to the editor, Mrs. Metheny. It is an excellent summary and expression of the beliefs of the majority of citizens in this township. And yes….this is far from over.

  3. 3 David C. Lannan Oct 5th, 2007 at 10:46 am

    This letter is an excellent summary of the true sadness behind the fiasco known as Perry Schools. Leaders who should have been setting positive examples for the students have done just the opposite. They have proved nothing except that they are thirsty for power. They have brought shame to the school system and tarnished the name of an educator who still fights for improvement of the school. As taxpayers and voters we have a responsibility to weigh the outcome against the allegations. Nothing was ever proven, yet Dr. Williams had the class to move on. Now it is time to tell these four ladies to do the same.

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