School Board Meeting - Monday, June 11th

Just a reminder to everyone that this battle still isn’t over and we still need you to show up at Monday’s School Board meeting. We need to continue to let the board know that people are still involved and concerned about how they’re attempting to manage our school district.

We’re not encouraging anyone to sign-up to speak unless your compelled to do so, we just want to let them know we’re still here and still involved.

The meeting is Monday, June 11th at the PTEC building at 6:30pm.

See you there!

3 Responses to “School Board Meeting - Monday, June 11th”

  1. 1 Nathan Jun 8th, 2007 at 10:04 am

    Once again, Matthew Tully makes a lot of sense. And he’s touched more than a few nerves in the process.

  2. 2 Admin Jun 8th, 2007 at 10:26 am

    He does make some points that are valid. However, I feel that he’s underestimating the damage that this board can still do to our township if he’s out of the picture. He’s also not taking into account that impact in morale to teachers and administrators if he’s gone from the picture.

    I also don’t believe it’s a lesson that we need to teach students that you should be apathetic when presented with obstacles and not stand-up for what’s right and pursue it to the end.

    I believe there’s far less to lose if the board members resigned. Why isn’t that an option? Why isn’t Tully promoting that more? He stated on the radio this morning that that was the better option, but that it wouldn’t happen. So, say that more clearly so people understand. Instead he’s just backing away from what’s right and what he appears to think is impossible because it’s easier to rely on someone with the character of Dr. Williams to do what needs to be done instead of thinking members of the board majority could actually step up and do what’s right for once.

  3. 3 Richard Jun 12th, 2007 at 12:45 am

    At this point it matters little whether Dr. Williams is a sinner or a saint, the most critical issue facing Perry Township is four women who are willing to destroy the future of our schools in order to satisfy their power trip. The citizens of Perry will not have a functioning board as long as four irrational individuals hold a voting block predisposed to act with total disregard to the vast majority of the community.

    Dr. Williams can still be a very positive part of the Perry school system, if he chooses to do so. If he should go or stay remains to be seen, but either way the four must go

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