Nancy Walsh Undermines School Administration and Holds Mock Graduation Ceremony

Nancy Walsh Mock Graduation Ceremony

First let me say that the reason I’m posting this entry on this site and not the Take Back Perry Schools website is that my opinion may not reflect the opinion of TBPS as a whole. I’m sharing this as an individual that’s concerned about having someone like Nancy Walsh responsible for our school system.

The story goes that recently at Perry Meridian High School there were a group of guys that were caught by police on top of the school building vandalizing property and just some general pre-graduation pranking going on. I’m not interested in getting these students in more trouble than they’ve already been in, which was defined by the school administration as being expelled for 5 days which included their graduation commencement ceremony this past Friday I believe. I’m not sure whether or not any police charges were brought against the individuals, but for me that part’s not important.

I found these photos as I was browsing around Facebook and MySpace pages after initially hearing about the event taking place. My account of the story comes from bits and pieces I’ve heard from a variety of sources as to what occurred.

What is important is that these students had more than likely been warned, along with the entire student body about pulling pranks like this before graduation and were probably told that there would be consequences for these types of actions if they were pulled. They decided to do it, they got caught and the suffered the consequences. I’m not sure if the students were really upset about everything, but I’m sure their parents were pretty ticked off at them. Included in those parents that were upset, was none other than MSDPT School Board Vice-President, Nancy Walsh.

As some point after the event, Nancy Walsh called the school and said that she would be coming in for something acting on behalf of the school board. When she arrived the principal was not available and she proceeded to tell whomever she was speaking to that she wanted the diplomas of the students that were expelled and that they deserved to have a ceremony because of all their hard work the previous 4 years. She reminded them that she was acting on behalf of the school board and proceeded to stage a mock graduation commencement in the school guidance office.

From what I’ve heard, someone hummed the melody to Pomp & Circumstance while someone else read their names alphabetically and they walked to Nancy Walsh and received their diplomas.

Regardless of whether or not you think these boys deserved to walk in their graduation, or whether or not Walsh’s mock ceremony was a disgrace to all the other students who also worked hard and took their education a little bit more seriously than others, there’s a more important issue at hand.

Nancy Walsh arrived on school property, announced that she was acting on behalf of the board and decided to undermine every bit of authority and leadership that the school administration had in handing down their decision against these four students. I’ve emailed every board member and acting superintendent Dennis Nichols asking if indeed, they were aware of Nancy’s actions prior to her arriving at the school. When I hear back from them I will confirm whether or not they were informed of that decision.

UPDATE: I’ve heard back from Steve Maples, Gayle Houchin and Jo Ellen Buffie that they were in no way informed of these actions prior to them taking place. Now the question is whether or not the “board majority” knew about it, if they did then here again they’re making decisions for the district without including all board members.

The crux of the problem is that Nancy Walsh, or any other board member for that matter, have absolutely no power or authority as individuals outside of a school board meeting. There are some occasions where the board would ask a board member to do something, but it’s my understanding if that was the case a motion would have been passed at a meeting and all board members would have voted. Upon the result of that vote, the board member either would have or would not have acted on “behalf” of the board.

Yet, it’s her opinion and will that she can walk into any school in our township and make students, administrators or staff do whatever she wants. If that’s not an example of micro-management, I don’t know what it would be. Then there is of course the issue of undermining the authority of the entire staff at a school. If she doesn’t agree with it, she overrides whatever she wants and forces her will upon others. Could it be these types of actions, while on the board and previous, are exactly the ones she was reprimanded for by Dr. Williams? And could it be that her response to his authority over that misguided behavior is exactly the thing that pushed her over the edge against Dr. Williams?

If anyone has additional details or thoughts they’d like to share, please leave me a comment.

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  1. 1 Ken May 31st, 2007 at 8:48 am

    I am confused? I was under the impression Mrs. Walsh was elected as a school board member and not hired as the Principal of PMHS.

    If I am incorrect and Mrs. Walsh was hired as the Principal of PMHS, would someone please inform me and the rest of Perry Township community.

  2. 2 Jennifer Morrison May 31st, 2007 at 9:15 am

    I don’t know if she had full permission from the board or not…but I will offer a few thoughts…

    a. The Board of Education - Every member - does have the authority to pass out the diplomas to ANY student so she did have the authority to give them their diplomas.

    b. I have heard first hand accounts of how two of these students were treated when they went to get their diplomas from the Office (after commencement) and I was not impressed by how the staff treated them and apparently neither was Nancy Walsh.

    c. The students’ punishment was to not attend their commencement ceremony along with the suspensed days…they didn’t attend their commencement ceremony, therefore, the punishment had been fully served. And let me state that I agreed with the punishment-I do not approve of the “prank” or destruction of property and it saddens me that they did what they did. However, they worked very hard for 12 years for their diplomas…and I think that accounts for something.

    Maybe the “mock ceremony” shouldn’t have been held on school grounds-since those are the very grounds that the students were punished for destructing-but I believe that respect and honor should still go to them for working the 12 years and getting to graduate-because look at our graduation rates-many do not. If Nancy would have held this at say her home, would it still be an issue? I don’t think she was undermining the authority of the school-because she also agreed with the punishment-I think she was trying to honor hardworking students for the work that they put into their education. I think that was the whole point of the mock ceremony.

  3. 3 Richard May 31st, 2007 at 9:25 am

    If what you have posted here is true, and it certainly appears to be, this woman (Walsh) is truly insane with power. This is absolutely NOT a person who should be allowed to represent her fellow citizens.

    It will be very interesting to hear from acting superintendent Dennis Nichols as well as the Principal of Perry Meridian about the issues of usurping of authority.

    Hopefully this stunt will be used as further evidence in the upcoming court hearing to determine whether Walsh and Adams should be prevented from participating in the Board’s administrative hearing on Dr. Williams future in Perry Township.

  4. 4 Creating Havoc May 31st, 2007 at 9:38 am


    Thanks for the information. I would like to commend you on at least being honest, you mention this is a story, and getting bits and pieces of the story. This picture does not paint a story.

    These boys did not walk with their class, thus not undermining the authority of the school. Do you think that these students are not going to get their diplomas?

    How do you just happen accross these photos in My space and FACEbook? I think there are over 5 million users to these services, and you just happened to stumble across them. Sounds fishy to me.

    This is what happens when you start losing sight of the real problem. You start make up STORIES(using your words.) I thought this website was to support Dr. Williams? How does this support Dr. Williams?

  5. 5 Cheryl May 31st, 2007 at 9:45 am

    Seems to me that HER actions should not go unpunished. With such blatant disrespect for school administrators and Perry Township residents, I feel she should be IMMEDIATELY removed from OUR school board!

  6. 6 Admin May 31st, 2007 at 9:49 am

    a) They have authority in the graduation ceremony of the school. They DO NOT have any authority outside of the school event that’s not expressly given to them by the board.
    b) I have no idea about these events, but in the end it doesn’t matter to me. Does a parent, because that’s all she is outside of the board meeting, have an authority to take the school operations into their own hands?
    c) I’m not stating they didn’t work hard. I’m also not stating that they shouldn’t have graduated. I’m stating that there should have been no mock ceremony or any other follow-up decisions made by Nancy Walsh on any student’s behalf.

    Again, my argument is that Nancy Walsh had no authority to do what she did. She was NOT there on behalf of the board and as an individual parent and individual, she was way out of line for doing what she did.

  7. 7 Admin May 31st, 2007 at 9:52 am

    Creating Havoc,

    Just because there are 5 million users of Facebook and MySpace doesn’t mean that I can’t go find photos I’m expecting exist on the sites. There are billions of websites, but I’m fairly adept at finding information I need on the web whenever I need it.

    These students would have gotten their diplomas, there’s no argument there. It wouldn’t have mattered when they got them, which is another reason for there to not have been any type of mock ceremony.

    Again, my argument is that Nancy Walsh was way out of bounds for what she did. If she had an issue with how things are handled she should have brought it before the school board and/or to the school administration and made her argument there. I repeat, no board member has no authority outside of board meetings that’s not given to them by the board as a whole. The board was not informed of Nancy’s intentions or actions until after the fact.

  8. 8 WRTV May 31st, 2007 at 10:03 am

    Good morning- tried to send an e-mail to the site but it got sent back. This is Dan from Channel 6 trying to contact the administrator. We are interested in doing a story on this. If you or anyone else is interested in talking with us, please call our newsroom at 269-1440 ext. 216. Thanks

  9. 9 Jennifer Morrison May 31st, 2007 at 11:56 am

    I guess my thoughts are…if I was a student in that situation I would be grateful that a school board member chose to recognize me for my educational achievements and not my stupid senior prank. They didn’t say congrats you’re a criminal, they said congrats for graduating and working hard all of your life to get this diploma.

    And will you tell me where this ” I repeat, no board member has no authority outside of board meetings that’s not given to them by the board as a whole.” is a fact? Because I know I have been privy to situations in my school days where past board members, Mr. Willsey, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Berry, Mr. Robbins all used their authority outside of the boardroom…if you are an elected official, you are an elected official all of the time. Granted, you aren’t allowed to make the rules however you choose to, so to speak, but I am pretty sure they have more authority than you are giving them credit for. Again, I think holding the mock ceremony on school grounds wasn’t a good idea considering it was the same school grounds that the students defaced, but the fact that someone was willing to stand up and recognize them for their educational acheivements is a good thing…not a bad thing. And I am sure the parents were grateful as well. If they were or weren’t I wish they would come forward and tell their side of the story.

  10. 10 Jennifer Morrison May 31st, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    I should also clarify that the past board members that I mentioned weren’t meant to be shed in a bad light in anyway shape or form. They all do/did many good things for us students back in my school days and some of those things included using their school board member status to help the students/parents in many different situations.

  11. 11 NCD May 31st, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    You would think, after all that has gone on in the last few months, that these women would at least try and stay under the radar for a little while until things calm down. Instead, another member, acting outside the scope of her authority, blatently undermines the authority of those who were put in charge of disiplining these rule-breakers, and again, without the knowledge of the full board.

    Their punishment was no ceremony, and apparently suspension. NW, acting as a board member, not a PTA member, not a member of a political party, not a member of NOW, but AS A PT BOARD MEMBER, overruled the administration’s decision and provided them with an official ceremony.

    Board members do not have a right to do ANYTHING as a representative of the board without the knowledge of the entire board. PERIOD. They don’t have to vote on it, but they all have to be informed. Apparently, once again, three board members, maybe more, were not fully informed of the decision to reward these rule breakers with a special ceremony.

    And no, the board members do not have the authority to pass out diplomas to students. They are guests at the graduation ceremonies, and they are given the priviledge of handing out diplomas. Outside of that ceremony, they have no authority.

    If these students wanted to be treated with respect during their graduation ceremony process, then they should have thought about the consequences of their actions. They were warned, and they should know better. They chose to behave that way, therefore, chose to forfeit the benefits and the honor of being recognized for their 12 years of hard work. It’s hard to have a whole lot of sympathy for them.

    I, too, hope that something can be done soon to alleviate the district’s problem of these board members not understanding what they can and cannot do. When will the ISBA, or someone, step in and help these women understand the scope of their responsibilities and authority?

  12. 12 Debbie and Tracy May 31st, 2007 at 1:55 pm

    The Perry Township Educational facilities are paid for by the taxpayers of our township. The buildings need to be cared for and respected by both the adults and students within those buildings so that the budget can be used wisely. When students vandalize a building they are disrespecting every citizen who has worked hard to contribute tax dollars to our educational system.

    We are teachers at Center Grove High School but have raised our children in Perry Township. Students, especially seniors, are reminded that good behavior is expected during the entire time they attend high school. “Pranks” disrupt the educational process, damage property, and often lead to personal injuries. We not only teach our students the curriculum as set out by the state, but also hope to teach them skills needed for the rest of their lives. Employers are looking for workers who will show up to work every day; arrive on time, and to act responsibly. Workers who damage property will find themselves in the unemployment line and possibly facing criminal charges.

    At the end of a school year teachers and administrators are exhausted by their efforts to keep students engaged and learning until the bell rings on the last day, and to ensure that seniors will act as responsible citizens until their diplomas are in their hands. A similar incident of vandalism occurred at Center Grove a few years ago. Our students also were denied the opportunity to walk in their high school graduation. Students must learn that they made a choice and that each choice leads to consequences.

    When Nancy Walsh held her mock graduation it was a slap in the face for every teacher and administrator who has tried to maintain order in a classroom. It showed disrespect for every parent who has tried to teach their child right from wrong. It is appalling that this mockery was carried out at school during educational time and done by someone representing the school board. Participating in a commencement ceremony is a privilege; students who disrespect their school should not be allowed to attend.

  13. 13 anonymous #1 May 31st, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    We all need to remember that what Nancy Walsh orchestrated at PMHS, and what people are upset about, has nothing whatsoever to do with the seniors who pulled the pranks. The kids have suffered through their punishment from the school, and they have endured the anger of their parents. The public should not retry their case. What they did or didn’t do is irrelevant. What needs to be the focus of the discussion here is Nancy Walsh. She USED these kids to grandstand for attention….classic Nancy Walsh. Just look at her on the pictures…she is glowing in the spotlight! It is where she always wants to be, and this time, she has hurt even more people in her eternal quest to get there. She marched into school, said she was representing the Board, took matters into her own hands and once again, ONCE AGAIN, made a mess. Do you think the kids are enjoying having to go through this all over again? Don’t you think parents are even more humiliated that information is being splattered all over Facebook and the news? How much more insane behavior is it going to take for everyone to realize that this woman is truly crazy, and has no business being in a position to make decisions about Perry Township Schools? She totally mocked and made fun of Dennis Nichols and the building administration! Unless the rest of the Board members and central office Administration stand up once and for all against Nancy, and find a way to remove her from power, it will be obvious who is in charge, not only of PMHS, but of Perry Township as a whole.

  14. 14 Confused May 31st, 2007 at 2:58 pm


    You stated

    “but I believe that respect and honor should still go to them for working the 12 years and getting to graduate”

    Just based on looking at those pictures, those students still were not showing much respect and honor in receiving their diplomas. Just look at how they are dressed. My child would not have even been there for Nancy to hand out the diploma had he/she been one of them. Pitiful, and people wonder why our kids today show no respect.

    I am not a supporter of Williams but I am not a supporter of the Board majority. I certainly do not support parents (Nancy) and kids breaking rules and basically showing no respect for anything but themselvs.

  15. 15 Dan Rasmussen May 31st, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    I honestly don’t know who I am writing to on this site. But it would be helpful to have all of the facts before publishing this. I am NOT a supporter of the four who have removed Dr. Williams. I truly wish he was still our Superintendent. But, I am a Christian and because of that I love Nancy Walsh whether or not I like all that has been done by her or others on the Board. My son is one of the young men in the picture. He is not one of the boys receiving their diplomas. I know two of the boys with their gowns on quite well and am very aware of the prank - in fact - exactly what happened. It was wrong but endagered no one and caused no permanent harm. I will not argue against anyone in authority who makes decisions based on what is best for students. So the Administrative decision for them to not walk through the ceremony is understandable. But these boys did earn their diplomas, and I know that at least two of them are going on to college, which should encourage those keeping track of the numbers graduating from Perry Schools.
    This event was not a publicity stunt or anything else. The cameras were brought by the boys. They were not part of any staging on Nancy’s part. With a parent who now has two children who have graduated from Perry and a third in a few years, and also a tax paying citizen of the township, I am glad someone cared enough about these boys to give them their diplomas. From what I read it is being interpreted as an act on Nancy’s part to thumb her nose at the Administration. You can interpret her actions however you want, which it seems like you’ve already done. And yes, I would not have chosen the goofy outfit worn by the two who already received the diploma (one being my son), yet, I do know they were there to support their friends getting their diplomas. Period.
    If somehow this can also be interpreted by actions of a school board member that is not becoming of her position - so be it. But really this is about the students getting their diplomas. Good for them. Dumb if-not-stupid prank - but good for them graduating. Good that with Dr. Williams influence there are 4 more to add to our success rate in the township. We probably would not have seen this if it would have been Jo Ellen Buffie or Gayle Houchin or Steve Maple. Maybe they would not have gone to the school like this (and by the way I think the world of Jo Ellen and Steve - I’ve only met Gayle but hear great things of her)but at least Nancy did. So for the boys sake, good. Maybe they should have dressed better but they spent four years and did one stupid thing - most of us don’t have any better track record. Nancy did not know they were bringing cameras, did not know how they were dressing and had nothing to do with the humming of Pomp and Circumstance. That was a teen age boy thing. And she did NOT once say that she was handing them there diplomas on behalf of the school board.
    So for this one I give kudos to Nancy. Don’t agree with her other positions, but for this one, kudos! You can argue all day over intentions and legalities. I support Dr. Williams, I support the decision to not let the boys walk, I do not support the current actions by the four members of the Board, but I have to say I am glad that someone cared about these four boys enough to hand them their diplomas.

  16. 16 anonymous #2 May 31st, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    Confused….I agree with you, my child would not have been there either, but from what I hear, some or all parents did not even know Walsh was planning this. She not only took control away from the building and township leadership, but from parents too!

    And Jennifer - in response to your comment……..

    b. I have heard first hand accounts of how two of these students were treated when they went to get their diplomas from the Office (after commencement) and I was not impressed by how the staff treated them and apparently neither was Nancy Walsh.

    It was not Nancy Walsh’s place to make this call, period. This is why we have building level administrators and township level administrators. What she did is called micromanaging, interfering and abusing power. We have seen it for months…sadly, this is not shocking coming from her. We should not all have to make decisions based on whether Nancy Walsh will be “impressed” by them. Based on what I have seen, however, I’m sure Nancy Walsh would disagree. She is the poster child for “It is all about me!”

  17. 17 Admin May 31st, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Mr. Rasmussen,

    Thank you for visiting the site and sharing your thoughts about the situation. I was very interested to hear the viewpoint from a parent.

    I’m confused in that I keep getting the impression that these boys would not have received their diplomas if it weren’t for Nancy Walsh. That is not correct. Part of their consequences for their actions was that they not participate in the graduation ceremony. That doesn’t take away anything from their efforts as students for the past 12 years or their efforts into the future. It only keeps them from participating in an event because of their decision to do what they did as a prank.

    My argument then goes back to Nancy Walsh being wrong for doing what she did. I don’t believe Nancy even cared about this situation, why hasn’t she stood up for any other students who were not allowed to participate in the ceremony in the past? Are these guys friends with her daughter? Is that why she wanted to do something? For her daughter? If so, again, not a valid reason to “represent the school board for her actions.”

    If she wanted to have a ceremony at her house for the boys fine. She could have had a party for them, but it wasn’t appropriate for her to walk into the school acting on behalf of the school board and override the decisions and authority that had already dealt with the situation. From what I’m hearing now, she also applauded the decision by the administration for the punishment they handed out to these boys.

    We wouldn’t have had to post anything about this if it had been Steve Maple, Jo Ellen Buffie or Gayle Houchin because they know better than to act in this way.

    I wish your son and his friends the best of luck in their current and future educations. Thanks again for commenting and sharing your view.

    Jason Bean (at least one person you were writing to)

  18. 18 Richard May 31st, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    Debbie and Tracy, well stated:

    “When Nancy Walsh held her mock graduation it was a slap in the face for every teacher and administrator who has tried to maintain order in a classroom. It showed disrespect for every parent who has tried to teach their child right from wrong. It is appalling that this mockery was carried out at school during educational time and done by someone representing the school board. Participating in a commencement ceremony is a privilege; students who disrespect their school should not be allowed to attend.”

    It’s not like these students would not have received their diplomas without intervention by Walsh, they were simply not allowed to attend the ceremony, that was the punishment issued by their principal. Walsh has chosen to mock the PMHS administration just as she mocks citizens who attend the public board meetings.

  19. 19 Matt May 31st, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    I think a challenge to American politics - and to MSDPT is the concept of authority of a governing body and the authority of the members of that body.

    The School Board holds the power to do a vast number of things. Where a serious problem exists I believe they may need to intervene in a situation that would normally be handled by the administration. The board has the power (in my opinion) to fire the superintendent and choose his or her replacement. The Board is the final authority to do whatever is appropriate and best for the school in IT’s judgment within the scope of the law.

    7 individuals, and 7 only, have the authority to motion for and vote in the determinations of the board. They are, by law, required to be informed and deliberate these decisions in duly called and fairly run meetings. Nancy Walsh has full authority to participate in these meetings and cast her vote for action. She has the opportunity and authority to call for an emergency meeting to address the “problem” the administration created by withholding the diplomas.

    Extending this power to participate and be represented on the board to the level of concluding and acting “on behalf of the board” whenever and wherever she appears in the school corporation is dangerous. Does this equally apply to the “3″? Can each member swoop into each situation as he or she sees fit and dictate policy and action? What is the limit of the personal and “portable” power? It is the Indiana Code-definition of BOARD: a single body that has legally defined scope of authority. There needs to be NO limitation on the BOARD but there needs to be awareness of the distiction between actions of the Board and actions of individual members.

  20. 20 A Building Adminstrator May 31st, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    I continue to become more amazed by the outlandish and inappropriate actions of this particular board member, Mrs. Walsh. I hurt for every building administrator within the Perry district because it is evident that their ability to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment is being compromised by the actions of Mrs. Walsh. One of the most important and most difficult task given to a building principal is to make disciplinary decisions that are fair, consistent, and meaningful so that the logical consequences can help students learn to be better prepared for a productive and successful adult life. I appreciate so much the comments made by Debbie and Tracy as they understand and have experienced the importance of maintaining an orderly learning environment.

    Principals must know that the district administration will give them the authority to do this important task and support them when they do!!! Mrs. Walsh has just undermined this high school principal’s ability to do her job because she didn’t like her decision… and if there was a plea or an appeal made by those students or their parents; it needed to be heard by the superintendent and not a board member. No wonder Dr. Williams was trying to discipline and teach Mrs. Walsh if she was choosing to act in this manner!! It was in the outside hope that she would hopefully be a productive board member for this district!! It is quite evident that she chose not to take this opportunity

    I feel for my principal colleagues in Perry Township!! These majority board members have stated that they are dismissing Dr. Williams so that this district can have a chance to become better… well, Mrs. Walsh, your actions definitely don’t support your claim!!

  21. 21 A #3 May 31st, 2007 at 4:37 pm

    The diplomas should have been mailed! Plain and simple. Bad idea for them to go back and pick them up.

  22. 22 Amy Stinson May 31st, 2007 at 6:03 pm

    In response to Jennifer Morrison’s question about board member authority:

    Bylaw 0143 “Individual members of the Board do not possess the powers that reside in the School Board.

    0144.2 E states that A School Board Member should honor the high responsibility which his/her membership demands by:

    representing at all times the entire school community.

    A School Board member should respect his/her relationships with other members of the Board by

    A: recognizing the authority rests only with the Board in official meetings, and that the individual member has no legal status to bind the Board outside of such meetings.

    The Board had not authorized ANY board member to contact the school and hold a ceremony. She did not do this as a parent. She did this as a member of the school board.

    I have not been ‘privy’ to any board member you mentioned stepping out and saying they are representing the board, when they were not. If you know of any such situation, please forward the details to Admin because I am interested in facts and not insinuation.

  23. 23 Creating Havoc May 31st, 2007 at 6:03 pm


    Why are the faces of the graduates blurred, yet there is a picture of another student whose face is not blurred? What a cheap shot to take at a student of a school board member that your having a disagreement with.

    Leave the kids out of it. What a low point in this district and township. It saddens me to think that this is your way of making a point.

    Although, when you’re grabbing a straws and are that desparate, I guess nothing is below you.

  24. 24 Artful Dodger May 31st, 2007 at 6:18 pm

    Just saw the channel 6 news regarding the latest with Nancy Walsh and her daughter conducting their little mock graduation ceremony.

    Here was my favorite part of the news report. A reporter is interviewing Walsh in the Perry High School parking lot.

    Reporter: Did they give you permission to do this?

    Walsh: Uh, The superintendent and principal were not available. I did leave a message with the principal at 2:00

    Reporter: But you didn’t have permission really when you went in to give out the diplomas?

    Walsh: I had as much permission as any board member ever has to walk into a buliding.

    WOW ! First, notice how Nancy dodges the first question. The correct answer should have been, “NO, I did not have permission.” Instead we see her once again thinking she is above accountability.

    Then, she ends with a diversion that would make any magician or politician proud. She says that she had permission to walk into a MSDPT building. Sure, but the reporter was questioning whether or not she had permission to give these students their diplomas.

    She once again has embarrassed Perry Twp. schools. It is my opinion that she uses questionable judgement and has misguided priorities. We have over 800 people who have asked her to resign. Not because we dislike her, personally but because it would be in the best interest of Perry Township.

    Mrs. Walsh, please consider.

  25. 25 Admin May 31st, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    Creating Havoc,

    The reason the other student’s face was not blurred out is because I knew that she was Nancy’s daughter as you confirmed. Since I did not know any of the other students or their parents, I was not able to ask them if they knew their children had participated in the event or for their permission to display their faces on the photo.

    The only reason I left Nancy’s daughter’s face unblurred was because since she was there with her daughter she was aware of her participation in the event and was obviously proud of her involvement.

    I intentionally left the kids out of this argument. The reporter for WRTV6 wanted me to share the names of the students involved, but I chose not to for the ones whose name I did know.

    My argument has always been about Nancy Walsh’s actions, not the actions of the students.

  26. 26 Admin May 31st, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    Thanks for making that point Artful Dodger. That’s exactly what I thought when I heard it. She did have permission to walk into the building, but not to pull the kids out of class and to stage the ceremony.

  27. 27 Admin May 31st, 2007 at 8:10 pm

    Interesting timing on the story following the WRTV6 coverage of this event. I’m in no way related to Joshua Bean that I’m aware of at the moment.

  28. 28 Kelly May 31st, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    Whatever prank this kids did they were given a punishment, whether you like it or not people especially children going into college or the workforce these kids need to understand this. Mrs. Walsh actions clearly show she has no support for the Administration of PMHS. This is a very sad day. Mr. Rasmussen am I too a christian and instead of thinking it is ok to break the rules and not respect the administration I would pray for the boys to learn their lesson and help them become better adults.

  29. 29 Amy Stinson May 31st, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    I want to add a few of the other ethics bent over this situation.

    B: Understanding that the basic function of the School Board member is “policy-making” and not “administrative”, and by accepting the responsibility of learning to discriminate intelligently between these two functions.

    Mrs. Walsh broke the this by interfering in an administrative issue and doing so on the basis of being a board member.

    F: Accepting the responsibility of becoming well informed concerning the duties of Board members and the proper functions of public schools.

    She undermined the disciplinary policies of the school.

    E: refusing to use his/her position on a School Board in any way whatsoever for personal gain or personal prestige

    Did she want to win the “cool mom” award for this?

    G: Winning the community’s confidence that all is being done in the best interest of the school children.

    Mrs. Walsh is failing to win community confidence in her ability to exercise judgment in matters that come before her. I think she exercised poor judgment as a board member in allowing herself to get involved in this and she exercised poor judgment as a mother and a board member by involving her child.

  30. 30 Admin May 31st, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    Excellent comments Amy. Thanks you for sharing those as well as the sections of our own school board by-laws.

  31. 31 Dan Rasmussen May 31st, 2007 at 10:12 pm

    Jason, your reply is apt but misses my point. I simply am saying that someone happened to care about these boys enough to hand them their diplomas. Nancy Walsh or anyone else, I’m glad someone cared. I will not speak to her intent or motives, because I do not know them for fact. I personally think for the boys sake they were genuine - friends of her daughter or not. Her other actions are between her,the Board, the Admininistration and the people who reside in MSDPT. I’ve already stated my heart on that. But whoever wrote to say I somehow condone the actions of these boys sure must have been reading someone else’s article. They did wrong and were sufficiently punished. I support their punishment, and said so. And their attire in the picture is less than admirable. I’ve already stated that too. And YES to the person who said that they should have been mailed.

  32. 32 read this May 31st, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    To the people deciding to bash Nancy Walsh in this instance:

    In the past, Nancy Walsh might have done things deemed inappropriate by the members of the Perry Township School Board, but by showing up on Tuesday at Perry Meridian High School when those four young men picked up their diplomas, she did not break any rules set forth by the township.
    A question was addressed as to what Nancy Walsh said on the phone to a member of the PMHS staff to “gain entrance” and be approved into the high school - this question is not valid. Because Perry Meridian High School is a public building, an individual does not have to be granted special privileges to be allowed inside it. Any individual (including Mrs. Nancy Walsh), as long as they are abiding by state and local laws, is allowed inside the building as long as it is not otherwise stated.
    Her showing up was simply a way of saying that she congratulates those four young men for completing the trek of high school in Perry Township. This does not in any way mean that she condones the behavior of the graduates that got them into their predicament in the first place, thus making former posts about Nancy Walsh originally “applauding” the punishment handed out to these four young men null and void.
    I also know for a fact that never once did Nancy Walsh ever say to the four graduates that she was “acting on behalf” of the Perry Township School Board, not even when she was handing the young men their diplomas. This also brings up another point: as soon as the young men payed their debts (if there were any to be payed) and signed the papers for said debts, the diplomas were officially theirs, thus making anything that happens afterwards (like Mrs. Walsh handing the diplomas to them) superfluous. The four graduates officially owned their diplomas and could have taken them and left right there, but decided to allow Nancy Walsh to hand the diplomas to them, which they didn’t have to do and were definitely NOT forced to do. Because Nancy Walsh never once said to the graduates that she was “acting on behalf” of the Perry Township School Board, she was there as an individual to show her support, whether she was a member of the School Board or not. At this point, anyone, including one of the graduate’s grandmothers, could have handed them their diplomas, because they already belonged to the young men. They would have gotten them either way, but the young men decided to make the reception of their diplomas feel more legitimate and more appreciated. Nancy Walsh in no way acted out or attempted to bash the Perry Township School Board.
    Maybe Mrs. Walsh has done things that have been frowned upon, and maybe there are still things that she should be questioned about and held accountable for, but this is not one of them. When a legitimate story is brought up, then the discussion about removing her from her position on the school board will be more valid. But for now, wait until a real story pops up, but don’t make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

  33. 33 Sue May 31st, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    UNBELIEVABLE! Nancy Walsh MUST go! This is a prime example of Walsh interferring where she SHOULD NOT BE! This matter was taken care of by the high school administration. The boys were going to receive their diplomas. They were being disciplined and Nancy Walsh interferred!!!!!

    This is just ANOTHER example of Nancy grandstanding! The woman LOVES power, LOVES being in CONTROL, LOVES being in the spotlight! She manipulates people, especially when they are vulnerable. Poor thing, she (Nancy) actually believes that what she is doing is right and/or that she is saving the world.

    Nancy didn’t agree with the disciplinary actions and TOOK IT UPON HERSELF TO DO WHAT “S H E” WANTED!!!!!! This type of emotional, erratic behavior cannot be tolerated!!! Her actions are a slap in the face to the Administration of Perry Township. When is something going to be done about Nancy Walsh? She is a loose cannon!

  34. 34 I say Leave Religion out of it May 31st, 2007 at 11:08 pm

    Is anyone else getting a little tired of the posts and the public comments given at board meetings where people feel the need to share that they are Christian? One’s religious affiliation has no relevance to the Perry Township debate. I don’t care if a board member is Christian, Muslim, Jehovia Witness, or Atheist. What I do care about is that they set policies good for our schools and that they represent our community well. The same is true with the Perry residents who speak at the board meetings. I am only concerned about them being good citizens and listening to what they have to say about school board matters, not where or if they go to church.
    Am I alone?

  35. 35 To "Read This" May 31st, 2007 at 11:20 pm

    Let me get this straight. You are saying since Walsh didn’t say the words, “this is on behalf of the MSDPT school board” then she acted appropriately. Hell, why don’t we all show up and get diplomas to pass out to our children, friends, and neighbors next year? Like you said, the high schools are public buildings so we’ll be allowed in and the kids are going to be getting their diplomas one way or another according to you. So let’s just all show up next Spring and ask for the diplomas and pass them out to some graduates. All the time answering the question WWND (What Would Nancy Do?)

  36. 36 Mrs. Butler May 31st, 2007 at 11:24 pm

    I have repeatedly taught my children that…good or bad…there are ALWAYS consequences for our actions, which is why it is VITAL to make good choices. If not, they will suffer unpleasant consequences for their poor choices.

    No one said that these young men were BAD kids, but they DID make a BAD choice. (In fact, vandalism IS illegal…especially school property! Just because they were caught before it went any further does NOT make it okay!) Unfortunately, they suffered the consequences and did not have the honor of walking across the stage to accept their hard-earned diplomas. Instead, they would have to be mailed. Bummer! But…again, consequences for a bad choice.

    Saying that “boys will be boys” is a cop-out. There are a lot of terrific young men, including my up-coming senior, who would never engage in breaking the rules. Making excuses for such behavior only reinforces that it is okay. How sad! These boys are now leaving the protective walls of the high school, and they will face the reality of the adult world. There will be no “Nancy Walsh” in the grown up world to undermine the law.

    While area schools have tried very hard to reign in the roucous behavior surrounding Senior Pranks and Graduation Ceremonies, Mrs. Walsh has single-handedly undermined any progress that has been made. She has reinforced to students that they can do whatever they want, and she will “take care of it”. Her efforts may not have been an attempt to be a media stunt, but they were a desperate attempt to gain support of these teens and their parents. If what she was doing was simply because she grieved for these students and their loss of honor…
    1)the PARENTS would have been included in the ceremony
    2) other board members would have been consulted
    3) the principal would have been adequately advised/consulted
    4) it would have taken place somewhere other than the school
    grounds that these young men vandalized
    5) half-dressed buddies wouldn’t have turned it into a circus
    6) She would have informed the students that this was NOT a
    mockery, and to put on acceptable clothing, or excuse

    Whether or not she presented the diplomas “on behalf of the school board” is inapplicable. By making her presence in the school office and demanding the diplomas, she did so as a school board member. NO OTHER parent in this community could have POSSIBLY gone in and demanded those diplomas without such a title!

    So now that students think they can get away with this type of behavior, the question is:

  37. 37 Amy Stinson May 31st, 2007 at 11:44 pm

    Mr. Rasmussen,

    The boys are just what they are; boys. They can’t be expected to always make wise choices. It’s just part of the age and the gender. They probably chose Mrs. Walsh because they figured she would go for it. And G-d bless her, she didn’t disappoint them even as she crossed several ethical boundaries in order to give them a graduation ‘ceremony’.

    That’s the problem. Mrs. Walsh does not appear to know how to exercise good judgment. Her decisions are based on what makes her feel good and to a certain extent whether she receives (or believes she receives) approval from people that are important to her, regardless of the impact on others that she apparently doesn’t care about.

    Just from what I’ve seen since her election, she doesn’t appear to be able to separate her emotional stake in issues from the decision-making process. This is a problem, which is not getting any better with time.

  38. 38 Mrs. Butler Jun 1st, 2007 at 12:09 am

    In response to “Leave Religion out of it”….I don’t care of what faith anyone is who posts on here, but they each have a right to profess what motivates them &/or their actions. I will support Pastor Dan Rasmussen in voicing his Christian love toward Mrs. Walsh. It’s what he does for a living, and it’s how he lives his life. I may not agree with some of his other comments, but I certainly agree that he has a right to profess his faith and beliefs!

    There are many of us with a strong faith that refuse to put our beliefs in a tidy box and only open it on Sunday mornings. Just because they have taken God out of our schools does NOT mean they can take Him out of our hearts (or this website)!!

  39. 39 Teresa Smith Jun 1st, 2007 at 8:17 am

    Every year we have a a get together at our house where the grown men laugh about the things that they did when they were in school and growing up. They stand in the kitchen walking down memory lane — laughing. There are some discussions that don’t come up that are too painful to discuss.

    The too painful discussions were their serious life lessons that was their moment in life that said — get it together. You really messed up. This choice — This consequence.

    Regarding the students who were caught. They have disappointed their families. They know it. Their families know it. They will survive this disappointment. This is a life lesson — This is not a life altering event. Was anybody hurt or will your life never be the same — NO! You really messed up. Get it together — learn from this mistake — and move on. I don’t believe I have ever seen a question on an application that says — Were you allowed to participate in your graduation ceremony?

    I would expect that for the rest of their lives these young men who were caught would have never brought up the too painful conversation of not going through their commencement. However, I would be willing to bet now that their mock graduation and their pictures will be a highlight of the stories that they tell in somebody’s kitchen when they get together and do their memory lane walk.

    This is supposed to be about educating our children. This is about learning inside and outside of the classroom. It is life lessons. You make a choice and there is a consequence. In this case, the consequence is no graduation ceremony. NW gave them a graduation ceremony. I don’t buy she just handed out the diplomas. If so, why are there graduation gowns. That is a ceremony. Real life doesn’t have somebody coming in and always making you feel better.

    NW gave these kids a great life memory. One that has already made it out to their online scrapbook. However, I don’t feel that she has taught them anything. My parents weren’t my friends until I was an adult. They were strict and had high exectations. If you crossed the line, you were punished. Nobody came in and said it was okay. I’m glad that they weren’t my friends until I was mature enough to be their friend. NW is trying to be these kids friends. She is right at their high school level in maturity. Not the kind of leader that we need to be a role model for the children of MDSPT.

    What a dark cloud and dark shadow she casts on our township!

  40. 40 Amy Stinson Jun 1st, 2007 at 9:28 am


    You said:
    “A question was addressed as to what Nancy Walsh said on the phone to a member of the PMHS staff to “gain entrance” and be approved into the high school - this question is not valid. Because Perry Meridian High School is a public building, an individual does not have to be granted special privileges to be allowed inside it. Any individual (including Mrs. Nancy Walsh), as long as they are abiding by state and local laws, is allowed inside the building as long as it is not otherwise stated.”

    Nancy Walsh phoned the school because she was coming there in an “official” capacity (as a board member to hand out diplomas). She most certainly needed to make those arrangements in advance in an official or even unofficial capacity. By her own admission, she called and left a voice mail and then proceeded to do what she did, knowing full well that she did not make appropriate arrangements.

    Bylaw 0143 states that “Individual Board members who are interested in visiting schools or classrooms on an unofficial basis shall make the appropriate arrangements with the principal. In keeping with Board bylaws, such Board member visits shall not be considered to be official”

    She used her position as a board member to retrieve the diplomas from the administrative staff. Had the boys retrieved their own diplomas from administration, it would be less of an issue, but they didn’t.

    You said:

    “The four graduates officially owned their diplomas and could have taken them and left right there, but decided to allow Nancy Walsh to hand the diplomas to them, which they didn’t have to do and were definitely NOT forced to do.”

    She says she was asked and “in no way orchestrated this”.

    So did she offer, or was she asked? Your statement contradicts her statement.

    However you do go on to say that, “They would have gotten them either way, but the young men decided to make the reception of their diplomas feel more legitimate and more appreciated. Nancy Walsh in no way acted out or attempted to bash the Perry Township School Board.”

    They decided? They decided? Through their actions the boys lost the privilege of receiving their diplomas in anything close to resembling an official ceremony. This was an administrative decision based upon school district policy, which was set and approved by the school board. This policy was designed to keep kids from pranking if they really wanted to participate in the graduation ceremony. What she did as a board member didn’t bash the board, but it DID undermine the administrative staff, and broke the policies of the school corporation, which she is under oath to protect and uphold.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t expect the boys to get that, but we most certainly do expect her to get it.

    Bottom line was that it wasn’t her place to hold a ceremony regardless of who decided to initiate or to participate.

  41. 41 student Jun 1st, 2007 at 9:40 am

    i am a student at pmhs and know the boys and mrs. walsh personaly and know about the situation with the board and the senior prank.

    mrs.walsh along with many other students and parents knew that those boys should have walked at graduation, but she couldn’t make that happen so she gave them the best she could. i don’t think that there was anything wrong with it. And i think you are just finding any reason possible to hurt mrs. walsh. i don’t think you should have brought any of this to the table.

  42. 42 Admin Jun 1st, 2007 at 9:46 am

    Student, you’re correct, the boys should have walked at graduation, BUT they made a decision to break the law and were punished for it. It was their decision and their actions that kept them from walking. The problem is that Nancy went against board policy, and undermined administration authority on the situation with the boys.

  43. 43 read this Jun 1st, 2007 at 9:59 am

    To the person who responded to the first “read this” post:

    A graduate who still has the right to walk at commencement, if he/she chooses to do so, must have his/her diploma handed out on stage by whoever would normally do so. But, because these young men could not participate in commencement, the diplomas were already theirs. Sarcastically saying that we should pass out diplomas to our “children, friends, and neighbors” is a great way to show ignorance. This has nothing to do with WHO is receiving the diploma because it has to be a graduate. Once a student pays all their debts to the school and signs the needed paperwork, the diploma is theirs, so if they want to have it delivered on a velvet pillow by Tony Blair, they can (solely for the sake of picture-taking.)

    And isn’t that the whole problem- Nancy Walsh saying she was acting on behalf of the school board? Because that’s the only actual problem here, and since it didn’t happen, there’s nothing to fight over. Maybe some of the graduates’ attire was less than tasteful, but if I remember right, there is no dress code at school during the summer, and why would four young men who just had to abide by the dress code for four years want to do it when they didn’t have to? And maybe even Nancy Walsh being would be considered by some to be “disrespectful,” but since no one in Perry Township, including the staff of Perry Meridian High School, ever once said “Congratulations” to these young men, Nancy obviously considered that disrespectful and took it upon herself to show these graduates some respect, because they didn’t get any from anyone else. And no one can say that one stupid senior prank can negate four years of hard work throughout high school. And even if so, all four of these young men did what it took to graduate, whether they were allowed to walk or not. Nancy Walsh didn’t know that the young men were even going to be wearing their caps and gowns, nor did she know that the other two young men were going to dress the way they did, so you can not try to penalize her for that. And since there is no dress code in the summer, the young men can’t be held responsible anyway.

    And in response to Mrs. Butler, none of the children think they can get away with “this type of behavior.” It is clear and obvious that the Township put their foot down and wouldn’t move it, and that is why these four were suspended and kept from going to commencement. Now, if some students don’t think that commencement is such a big deal, then what can be done to stop their future actions? Nothing. After all the debating and multiple meetings with the Mrs. Joan Ellis, the administration stood their ground, and now all the students at PMHS understand that they can’t get away with petty, supid pranks. And is this the same Mrs. Butler that was on the news last night saying that the pictures of this event were “apalling” and made her “nauseous”? Why did they come off in this way? Was it because of the way the young men dressed? Because if so, leave Nancy Walsh out of it, because that has nothing to do with her. SHE was not wearing ludicrous clothing. Bottom line.

    Overall, is it being considered disrespectful and maybe distasteful for Nancy Walsh to show up and do what she did? Yes. But is there a written rule against it? Not even close. As I’ve said before, maybe Mrs. Walsh has done things that still have to be accounted for and might get her into some trouble, but this is not one of them. Choose your battles, Take Back Perry Schools, because this isn’t one of them.

  44. 44 Jennifer Morrison Jun 1st, 2007 at 10:14 am

    Thank you ‘read this’ for your analysis of the entire situation. I for one appreciate your outlook on the matter.

  45. 45 Anthony Karushis Jun 1st, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    Overall, I wouldn’t normally take notice of this. Student do something foolish and don’t particapate in graduation ceremonies every year. They get their diploma, just not at the ceremony.They wanted something a little more formal than having them mailed. That’s fine if they can get it, which they did.
    What I have a problem with is their using the school to do this. If this had been done somewhere else, I would have found it distastful but I wouldn’t have a problem with them doing it. But, since they had graduated (whether they had diplomas in hand or not) they were no longer students at the school. Who gave permission for an event (of any kind) to be held at the school?
    You can leave questions of student conduct, dress, timing or whatever out of it. These people, even though they included a board member, did not have the right to use the building for this purpose. This should have been done somewhere else. It just shows arrogance for them to believe any different.

  46. 46 Andy Colich Jun 1st, 2007 at 12:21 pm

    please take down my photos

    we are just some teenagers indulging in cheap thrills… this has been blown out of proportion

    please take down my photos

    thank you

  47. 47 to read this Jun 1st, 2007 at 12:37 pm

    I respectfully submit you are missing the point. There are written rules against what Nancy did…they are called the By-Laws of the Board. Nancy Walsh did say she was representing the board. She said she had as much right “as any board member would have” in handing out the diplomas…she said this in front of a camera. Susan Adams said last night on the news that Nancy was commending the students on “behalf of the board”. This is the problem with these misguided board members. These two women have no right to do anything on behalf of the board without talking with the whole board. They believe that as President and Vice President, they have total power and authority. They do not. They are acting independently under the guise and protection of the “Board”, and they are repeatedly and unapologetically abusing their positions. It is really as simple as that. This latest stunt is yet another symptom of the disease that now infects our township through 4 rogue board members. They do not think they should have to answer to anyone for anything they do. That is exactly why we are in the mess we are in today. If we continue to excuse and ignore these behaviors, these women will soon have their hands in every facet of the operations of Perry Township. Parents will come to them and ask for special considerations, and ask that disciplinary actions by administrators be overruled. Mark my words….it will happen…it has already happened. We are in trouble, folks, and this incident was just another red flag to alert us that the ship is drifting further and further off course.

  48. 48 Amy Stinson Jun 1st, 2007 at 12:55 pm

    to Read This:

    You said:
    “And isn’t that the whole problem- Nancy Walsh saying she was acting on behalf of the school board? Because that’s the only actual problem here, and since it didn’t happen, there’s nothing to fight over.”

    Nancy Walsh wasn’t just any ol’ parent walking in to retrieve her child’s diploma. She walked through those doors acting as a board member. She did not make it clear to the staff that she was not acting on behalf of the board - another violation of bylaws.

    0143.1 …Board members should, when writing or speaking on school matters to the media, legislators, and other officials, make it clear that their views do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board or their colleagues on the Board.

    You said:
    “Nancy obviously considered that disrespectful and took it upon herself to show these graduates some respect, because they didn’t get any from anyone else.”

    You absolutely hit the nail on the head. She did take it upon herself, and did so behind the backs of the school administrators that she is charged to ensure that they can carry out their duties. It was very convenient to simply leave a message that she was coming to the school. That does not constitute ‘proper arrangements’. Doing what she did in the capacity of a board member is OUT OF LINE. She ignored her greater responsibility to the community at large.

    I’m not going to address the kid’s part in this prank other than they made some really bad choices.

    You said:
    “Choose your battles, Take Back Perry Schools, because this isn’t one of them.”

    What we are “battling” is the pattern of behavior exhibited by Mrs. Walsh. She needs to excuse herself from involvement in administrative functions. She must not, in any elected capacity, “take it upon herself”. She has no right to flex her elective power as an individual on the board. She doesn’t get that. She believes her elected capacity gives her license to do as she sees fit. A few more of you don’t seem to get it, but that doesn’t dismiss her obligation to do what she needs to do to get it.

    If she was a single rogue member on the board, this would not be such a big deal. But we have 1 additional active supporter of bad judgment calls and 2 more who are willing to go along for the ride for whatever reason. So behavior, which would simply be annoying and embarrassing if it were just her, now carries some serious clout, because there is no one able or willing to rein her in. She made sure that person was taken out of the picture screaming insubordination in the process.

    Allow me to put this into some perspective. It only took 1 or 2 persons spray painting skylights to turn what started as a relatively inconsequential little prank into a 5 day suspension and loss of graduation ceremony privileges…because the others went along for the ride and were unwilling or didn’t know when to say stop. But thankfully those bad decisions impacted very few people, until she entered the picture. That’s when Mrs. Walsh’s bad judgment, combined with the support and blessing of 3 others along for the ride who don’t know when to say stop, becomes a much larger problem.

  49. 49 Mrs. Butler Jun 1st, 2007 at 1:04 pm

    I’m not ashamed, nor am I afraid to share my identity or my viewpoints. Yes, I am the same Mrs. Butler that was on the news last night. Yes the pictures are appalling and nauseating to ME. (By the way, my quote was not given in the full context.) I’m nauseated by the pictures…not simply because of the attire. I’m nauseated that Mrs. Walsh had a giant smile plastered on her face, shaking hands and making a mockery of a high school graduation. She was obviously proud of what she chose to do, and she did not discuss this with other board members. She obviously did not disagree with the unusual attire the boys chose to present or else she would have postponed the “ceremony”. It nauseates me that she undermined the principal, and that this whole thing took place on the school grounds where the kids got in trouble in the first place. I DO believe that too often, kids are let off the hook for things when they break the rules. As a parent, I do not enjoy dishing out punishment to my kids. However, it is my JOB as a parent to teach them! Like it or not….many agree that she sent out a message LOUD AND CLEAR that she did not back up the school administration and policies. Unfortunately some teens do pull stupid pranks and make poor decisions, and this turned their punishment into a farce, thus reinforcing future behvior of similar nature. Keeping in mind that Mrs. Walsh and the board majority have had such little support from the public, it nauseates me that Mrs. Walsh would stoop to such levels to seek popularity. There’s not an inkling in my body that thinks she did this out of benevolence.

  50. 50 Mini-Butler Jun 1st, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    what i find appalling is that this grown woman, an authority figure, actually placed the blame on the KIDS last night in the news. she claimed that she didn’t do this on her own account but that she was ASKED to do it. asked by who?! nobody was in the pictures except her and some high school kids. was she blaming her daughter, who was also in the pictures?

    sounds like some messed up parenting skills to me. take responsibility for hanging out with kids in their underwear, nancy walsh. don’t blame it on the kids.

    ps there IS a dress code for graduation- IT’S CALLED KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON, NAKIES!

  51. 51 Admin Jun 1st, 2007 at 1:53 pm


    Per your request I have removed the photo from the website. I have tried to minimize the actions of you and your friends in this ordeal. What you all did is of no importance to the issues we have with the decisions being made by Nancy Walsh. Those issues have not been blown out of proportion. I believe people don’t realize the seriousness of the results of the types of decisions Nancy takes upon herself.

    It could have been any disciplinary decision that took place at the school. In the future it could be about a book she doesn’t want used in schools. It could be about a grade a student got on a test. She does not have the authority to come into a school and overrule the decisions handed down by the administration. It’s her job to change policy related to education, not manage the schools and the decisions that happen at each one.

    Again, I wish the best of luck to you and your friends. I would be very interested in hearing more of your opinion and account of the events that took place.

  52. 52 Teresa Smith Jun 1st, 2007 at 3:57 pm

    We might want to take a moment to use this as an opportunity to educate our children about MySpace and Facebook. The young gentleman stated, “please take down my photos.” Somebody put those photos out on the internet.

    Do you see how they can be taken and used? From a minor’s perspective it is harmless. However, look what has occurred. As a person extremely interested in what is going on with our school board’s actions, I am appreciative that Admin has updated us on this activity.

    Unfortunately, the photos were thrown out there for anybody to view and that’s what happened. I commend Admin for honoring the young man’s request. Hopefully, the person who posted the photos on the internet (if it wasn’t the same young man) will be kind enough to do the same.

  53. 53 Admin Jun 1st, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    Thank you Teresa for pointing that out, it is a very valid issue. I worked for a time in a recruiting firm and one thing we would do when we had a chance with some candidates was to search for their names on the Internet to find out anything else about them for our clients.

    I will say that since my involvement in these issues surrounding MSDPT, I’ve seen more profiles of high school students and younger on MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, Blogger and other sites that I’m amazed at some of the stuff they do and then publish on their pages.

  54. 54 Common Sense Jun 1st, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    1. Any grown woman in this situation should have said, “I am not posing for a picture with you guys until you get some clothes on.”

    Poor judgement and lack of common sense from Walsh.

    2. To Andy - If I were you, I’d use this as a learning lesson. Do not pose for pictures that you might later be ashamed of.

    You and your friends are kids, however. All of us adults have done silly things and we all learn from our mistakes. What concerns me is that Nancy Walsh doesn’t ever seem to learn from her mistakes. Quite the contrary, she never thinks she makes any.

    Once again, Mrs. Walsh - don’t you think it’s time to resign?

    3. To Jennifer - Of course you agree with “Read This” You are Barb Thompson’s daughter and the same person who stuck your nose in on the Chik-Fil-A fundraiser TBPS was organizing. No one thinks you are going to have an unbiased view on anything done by your mom or her three board buddies.

  55. 55 Creating Havoc Jun 1st, 2007 at 5:59 pm


    This is all they have to battle with. The are so badly beaten that this is all they have. But, if you have been reading this website since the beginning, you should know that there is only one set of rules and those are the ones that Dr. Williams has created over the last 13 years.

    I get my greatest laughs when one of you knuckle heads want to quote the by-laws. Dr. Williams has so blatantly disregarded the by laws for 13 years, now we are expected to enforce them on one side but not the other.

    Dr. WIlliams I do appreciate all that you have done in the past. Good luck as you move on.

  56. 56 Les Jun 1st, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    According to some there is always a reason to not punish some. Mrs Walsh does not believe damaging school property is a punishable offense. So I would assume that any student from here on out will not be punished for the same offense if she has anything to say (or do) about it. As for me I do not have the same view as Mrs Walsh. If a student chooses to damage school property they should have a punishment.

    But again Nancy and her gang will just dip into the Perry coffers to cover the damage. She loves spending our tax dollars.

  57. 57 Demagogue Warrior Jun 1st, 2007 at 11:06 pm


    This is all the “Gang of Four” have to battle with. The are so badly beaten that this is all they have. But, if you have been reading this website since the beginning, you should know that there is only one set of rules and those are the ones that “Gang of Four” has decided are worthy over the last several months.

    I get my greatest laughs when one of you knuckle heads want to quote the by-laws. The “Gang of Four” has so blatantly disregarded the by laws for the last several months, now we are expected to enforce them on one side but not the other.

    Dr. WIlliams I do appreciate all that you have done in the past. Good luck as your picture continues to be on the main web page for MSDPT. Thus showing that you have not yet been forced to move on.

    It is sooo easy to turn around intellectual pabulum. Havoc seems to be a bit of hyperbole. Gentle breeze seems more likely. Your post contains the same silly stuff that the “Gang of Four” supporters have been bloviating on from the beginning.

  58. 58 Amy Stinson Jun 1st, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    Creating Havoc,

    Can we assume you are among the disaffected in the township?

  59. 59 Josie Jun 2nd, 2007 at 7:57 am

    Saying that “boys will be boys” is a cop-out. There are a lot of terrific young men, including my up-coming senior, who would never engage in breaking the rules. Making excuses for such behavior only reinforces that it is okay. How sad! These boys are now leaving the protective walls of the high school, and they will face the reality of the adult world. There will be no “Nancy Walsh” in the grown up world to undermine the law.
    Mrs. Butler, You may need a reality check, and soon. I too was certain that my son would NEVER pull a senior prank. Well, you can all see how that turned out……I only wish the other 10 kids that were involved had come forward too. You see they only caught 5 of them. The others took off! Which I get, because at that time the police were involved. However, at the school level they still did not come forward. If they had banded together the punishment would likely have been much different. After all this drama I was just looking forward to my son coming home with his diploma. I knew they were going to wear their cap and gown (that we paid for..) walk in and get the diploms from the school secretary, probably take a few pictures and go home. That should have been the end. My son and his friends are not crimanals. He has never been suspended or in trouble with the law. He did however make a huge mistake in judgement here and we are dealing with it. But to find out a day later that Nancy Walsh handed my son his diploma! I cannot even explain how angry that makes me. I do not respect her or the other “3″ on the board and this only intensifies those feelings. Just a little more salt in the wound please. She is an idiot! One of myh sons friends explained that she asked him about the diploma pick up at an open house on the previous Sunday. She offered to distribute the diplomas ceremoniously so they could have some kind of formal service. Had I been privy to this information I would have gone with my son and and told her her to buzz off. (I have edited my thoughts here.)Any way she is no more mature than the 5 kids that were caught and no more mature than the many seniors that got away and did not come forward. (So much for the “guy code” and sticking together guys!)

  60. 60 Jennifer Morrison Jun 2nd, 2007 at 8:00 am

    To Common Sense:

    You’re right I sure did stick my nose in the Chik Fil A Fundraiser because it was WRONG-not because I am Barb Thompson’s daughter. I am a voter and that gives me the right to “stick my nose in”. I thought Admin was going to stop the people bashing on this website? I will not say anything derogatory to you as you have done to me. But please explain to me why no one is allowed to have a different opinion than you? You automatically criticize them because they stand up for something you don’t agree with? You might want to change your name.

  61. 61 Punishment WAS Served Jun 2nd, 2007 at 10:00 am

    The student’s punishment was not being able to walk at the graduation ceremony. They served this punishment. The fact that NW gave out those diplomas has absolutly NOTHING to do with the boy’s punishment. They paid the price for their actions by not being able to walk with the rest of their class. I, in no way condone what the boy’s did and yes they should have had some kind of punishment.
    If Steve MAple, JoEllen Buffie or Gail Houchen had been the one to present the boy’s with their diplomas I am pretty confident that this would not even be a topic of concern on this site. This is just another way that TBPS and previous school board members that have always been in the “Doug Williams Camp” can continue to rip apart this township.

  62. 62 Amy Stinson Jun 2nd, 2007 at 10:07 am


    My heart goes out to you. My understanding is that these were good kids who made a bad judgment call and I truly believe that. You did say something interesting, which directly contradicts what Nancy Walsh said on TV.

    You said:

    “One of myh sons friends explained that she asked him about the diploma pick up at an open house on the previous Sunday. She offered to distribute the diplomas ceremoniously so they could have some kind of formal service.”

    She said on TV that she was asked and in no way orchestrated this.

    Given that you obviously do not have a relationship with Mrs. Walsh, I find it strange that your son would seek her out to hand out a diploma - as she claims.

  63. 63 PM graduate '07 Jun 2nd, 2007 at 10:30 am

    This sensationalist, scandal-mongering attempt at a lame bit of yellow journalism is, to be frank, very immature. Admin and commenters alike have alluded to not knowing all the facts, if not even half the facts, yet like to assume a position of authority on the matter. Just because you are rather ignorant of everything that transpired (who isn’t, other than those directly involved?)and are digging around to find out what really took place (which seems to be very much a discrepancy), this argument against Mrs. Walsh from a point of ignorance is worthless.

    And can there be a certain amount of respect for Mrs. Walsh? I don’t care what you think on the school board issues (I’m rather indifferent, except for the fact that I can’t stand foolish and stupid complainers). While you have the right to not like someone, you should at least respect him or her. When did we get on a first name basis with Mrs. Walsh? It’s “Nancy this” and “Nancy that” like you’ve known her for ever.

  64. 64 To Josie Jun 2nd, 2007 at 10:44 am

    Thank you for weighing in on these discussions. I appreciate hearing from you. I applaud you for being a good parent and standing firm and backing the adminstrations decision. It is unfair and shameful that the other students did not come forward… certainly shows lack of character and cowardice. As far as Nancy Walsh’s involvement in this, we all suspected it was her idea. Thanks for confiming it.

  65. 65 PM graduate '07 Jun 2nd, 2007 at 11:19 am

    Um, I don’t really want to double comment, so maybe the admin could tack this on to my other comment, but I was just going to say:

    Even the post’s title is misleading. Mrs. Walsh showed up to congratulate the gang on graduating. The word “holds” implies (as was intended, but never confirmed) that she orchestrated the whole matter.

  66. 66 Amy Stinson Jun 2nd, 2007 at 11:32 am

    To Jennifer Morrison:

    You said:
    “You’re right I sure did stick my nose in the Chik Fil A Fundraiser because it was WRONG-not because I am Barb Thompson’s daughter. I am a voter and that gives me the right to “stick my nose in”.”

    What I have found over the years is that people tend to be selective about what is right and wrong based upon their affiliations. Whether you want to admit it or not, your perceptions are very much affected by who’s daughter you are. You would be a psychological anomaly if they weren’t.

    You called “read this’” post an “analysis of the entire situation”, when it was nothing of the kind. Had you analyzed the post, as I did, you would have found several areas of contradiction.

    Your status as a voter has no bearing on the fundraiser issue and your right to “stick your nose in it,” despite your assertions to the contrary. You simply don’t like the idea that TBPS could raise money through the same channels so many other NFP organizations use, so you complained. At least be honest about why you did it.

    Speaking as a mother, I wish you would support your mother differently.

  67. 67 Admin Jun 2nd, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    PM Graduate,

    I never claimed to be a journalist in this endeavor and this site isn’t a news site. After recent comments though, it appears our opinion is becoming closer to reality than you may like, according to one of the student’s parents.

    As for my respect for Nancy Walsh, referring to someone by their first name isn’t disrespectful, unless you’re a kid referring to an elder. However, her level of respect due to her has declined greatly in my eyes over the various and ongoing actions and comments I’ve heard come from her mouth.

  68. 68 Demagogue Warrior Jun 2nd, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    Ms. Morrison should look in the mirror or at least the family portrait prior to being too critical of others for their supposed “people bashing” and “derogatory” comments. It would also be a step in the right direction if the “rights” inherited because of being a “voter” were in one way, shape or form rooted in reality.

    She further states, “…please explain to me why no one is allowed to have a different opinion than you? You automatically criticize them because they stand up for something you don’t agree with?” Is this not kind of like saying, “Hi kettle, I am pot and you are black,” (A.K.A. the pot calling the kettle black). It is not that the hypocrisy is all that offensive. It is that any attempt at holding one of the “Gang of Four” accountable (albeit only via a typed critique on a discussion forum) is met with demagoguery.

    The first supporter of the “Gang of Four” that actually admits one of this quartet has actually done something wrong (regardless of how minor) will have my heart felt appreciation. This might actually begin a dialog. Until this happens stones will be thrown from each side. Probably enough rock to build some good walls. Walls are not all bad. Just don’t complain that the stones all belong to the other side. There are a fair number from both sides.

    In the meantime Ms. Morrison, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” Momma can’t protect you from reality anymore. Other people are very angry with her and her former husband/father of some children/failed candidate for constable/instigator of problems. These individuals are going to express this anger. If you can’t take it, stay away. If you want to build bridges to bring this community back together, then stop the demagoguery.

  69. 69 Mrs. Butler Jun 2nd, 2007 at 11:01 pm


    I’m sorry to have offended you. Like I said, I think the boys made a bad choice. Good kids do make bad choices, and then pay the consequences. It must have been very painful not to have him be a part of commencement, and I’m sorry for how this must have affected you and your family. It must also have been difficult to deal with the fact that your son was caught, and others ran off like cowards, letting their pals take the fall. No matter how terrific a parent is…kids will make choices that disappoint us. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes.

    My beef was NOT with the boys, but with Mrs. Walsh’s poor choice to proceed as she did, and with others defending her (that the punishment was unfair, etc). I suspected that the parents may not have been aware of what she was doing, and your statement confirms that. She undermined the administration AND the parents, and she turned this all into a big joke.

    Again, I apologize for offending you.

  70. 70 Creating Havoc Jun 3rd, 2007 at 10:36 am

    To Ms. Amy Stinson,

    Exactly the opposite, I am extremely loyal to my governments, and would never think about being disaffected to them.

    I am in full support of what the board has done. I am not in full support of the way they have done it, but am extremely pleased with the end product. The end does justify the means in this case.

    I refuse to support a leader that uses bully tactics and generally does not know how to handle his position.

    It’s been a good ole’ boy system too long. Time to move on HDW, BB knew what to do. KC knew what to do. Now it is HDW turn to leave the district.

    I voted for serveral members on this school board, they are on both sides, of this issue. Some have become to great of friends with the employees of the district.

    Many of the current board members and especially most of the former board members misunderstood what their roles were in this government body. Many fell into the trap of riding HDW’s coat tails, HDW should have been riding the coat tails of our ELECTED OFFICIALS.

    Will you also be working on removing the judge in federal court, after he permits SA and NW to vote on the removal of Dr. Williams. Or will you finally accept the fact that Dr. WIlliams is no longer an asset to our community and really hasn’t been for awhile.
    Can see it it now, TBFC take back our federal courts. You can can ask the students in our states law schools to send you $20.00 to help in your law suit against the Federal Judge. Nice touch.
    Make the signs black and blue, cause your going to get beaten again.

    Amy you must be from the SOUTH POLE, you are an angry Elf.

    P.S. - I have 2 front row seats already reserved for the next school board meeting, that I will part with for only $ 500.00 for the pair. It’s going to be history making, and you will also get to see all the other employees that HDW is going to scarifice before he leaves.
    Cause there is plenty of them. IT’s going to be like at a Gallager show, stuff flying everywhere, better wear rain gear.

    And hopefully then you can take down those ridiculous TBPS signs.

  71. 71 To Jennifer Jun 3rd, 2007 at 11:57 am

    There was nothing in the “Common Sense” post said about you that was derogatory so Admin. really had nothing to censor, in my opinion. I did not call you names etc.
    I did say that you stuck your nose in and actively tried to cancel the TBPS Chik-Fil-A fundraiser. You proudly admitted to doing so on this site. So I am confused as to why you took that as a personal insult.

    Your reply back says that you became involved in the Chik-Fil-A fundraiser because cancelling it was the right thing to do. Please explain. Your mother spread some misinformation at the end of a board meeting. TBPS never told anyone at Chik-Fil-A that the money raised would go to Perry classrooms etc. Also, no one from Chik-Fil-A asked your mother to read HER comments like she stated before reading abouth the fundraiser. I have talked to the manager(s) at Chik-Fil-A and they were not too pleased about the way your mother handled this situation with her comments.

    Also, I find it curious that you were not successful at sabatoging the AppleBee’s fundraiser. The management there told me that the TBPS fundraiser night was the BIGGEST one they had ever had there.
    I do agree with you about one thing. We should be able to disagree with each other respectfully. But when you try to cancel our fundraisers etc. in my opinion, you have stepped over the line. It really comes off that you realize thet you are way outnumbered, cannot win on ideas, and must resort to slash and burn techniques.

  72. 72 A Real MSDPT employee Jun 3rd, 2007 at 5:55 pm

    To Punishment was served:
    You stated, “If Steve MAple, JoEllen Buffie or Gail Houchen had been the one to present the boy’s with their diplomas I am pretty confident that this would not even be a topic of concern on this site. This is just another way that TBPS and previous school board members that have always been in the “Doug Williams Camp” can continue to rip apart this township”.
    That is the point. Steve Maple, JoEllen Buffie or Gail Houchen would not have trumped the administrations authority on their discipline decision. The boys were to have their diplomas mailed to them. There have been many students over the years at both schools who have done things that caused them to lose the privilege to walk across the stage and never before has a school board member showed up at a later date to hold a mock graduation for them.

  73. 73 PM graduate '07 Jun 4th, 2007 at 12:22 am

    In this story, you acted as a journalist as much as WRTV did or any other station or publication ever will. And in that, I would hope that entails journalistic ethics. Although this blog has a severe slant to it (and there’s no problem with that), I would hope truth is the first goal. Obviously, that’s not really the case here.

  74. 74 Owen Jun 4th, 2007 at 1:22 am

    An analogy:

    You are a parent and your child is misbehaving, for discipline, you tell your child they cannot go to the circus as a consequence of their bad behavior.

    Then, the grandmother comes over and takes them to the circus anyway, knowing they were not permitted to go to the circus for disciplinary reasons.

    We all know the child would not learn the life lesson of behavior-consequences, if the grandparent continues to undermine the authority of the parent. This also sets a bad example for the other children, who now think this behavior is excusable.

    Why would anyone support the grandparent position? Even if the grandparent thought the punishment did not fit the crime, they have no right to undermine the parents decision.

    The students earned their diplomas and were going to get them. What they lost was their right to attend a graduation ceremony. The real issue here is Walsh’s (unethical and by-law breaking) behavior, undermining the authority of the administrators and parents.

  75. 75 Anthony Karushis Jun 4th, 2007 at 7:30 am

    To PM Graduate and all other,

    “While you have the right to not like someone, you should at least respect him or her.”

    I try to use formal names when I speak of someone and informal only when speaking with that person and only after we’ve spoken for a bit.

    But, respect is not a right, it is a privledge. You have to earn respect. If someone has a doctorate. I refer to them as Dr. so and so. Not “Dougie” or “Doug” or “Williams” etc. If someone earns my respect I will refer to them as Mr, Mrs, Mz or Miss until they tell me differently. But, if you don’t show me respect in kind and I have done nothing to lose that respect (IMO) I have no respect for you.

    I refer to Nancy Walsh as Nancy Walsh or Mrs Walsh when I post about her. But, I understand where others feel that she does not have their respect and doesn’t deserve it. I’m sure there are certain people that don’t respect me and I understand if they don’t use my full name.

    One last thing. If you want to be respected, or preach to others about respect you should not post under a pseudonym. This is just a suggestion.

  76. 76 Jennifer Morrison Jun 4th, 2007 at 10:46 am

    It’s Mrs. Morrison for future reference…but thank you for the etiquette anyway.

    And trust me, I know that I am not outnumbered so no that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Especially when I am still given respect by members of TBPS or citizens of the township who support Dr. Williams. They do agree to disagree with me respectfully and still treat me like a human being at the end of the day. Mr. Willsey is a perfect example of that as is Jo Ellen Buffie. So no I don’t have a problem with that. I didn’t try and cancel the Applebees fundraiser because I realized how insignificant it actually was. Say 200 of you all spend $50 on dinner…(How many actually came?-why wasn’t there a write up on that other than the food was good) TBPS gets 15% of that…and that is an ignorant action when you could have given $50 each to TBPS (and tell me, is that money going to pay Dr. Williams legal fees or is it going to your organiztion? I know the letter from Mr. Rice to all the teachers in the township asking for $20 would be given to pay Dr. Williams’ legal fees. Do you think Baker and Daniels is going to do pro bono work for him? That’s laughable at best). And why is it that you had to have that held in another county and another township? Because you couldn’t find a place to hold it in Perry or because you had an “in” with the manager at Applebees? I know that many others did call and complain to corporate-as that is a franchised Applebees they are given free reign on a day to day basis-corporate will be speaking to the manager of that Applebees because they did not agree with it - but what could they do - it was a franchise. And I wouldn’t say I was boastful or proud about cancelling the Chik Fil A fundraiser, but I wanted to make sure you were blaming and bashing the right person-my mother had nothing to do with it. Although, in the end, it didn’t really matter what I said. You all think what you want anyway. I could tell you the sky is cobalt blue today and you would argue until you were red in the face that no it’s sky blue…no matter what I say, it’s an argument with most of the TBPS supporters. Notice I said most…there are a handful, including Admin, who respectfully argue or inform me. And I do appreciate that. Bottom line is I know, as many of my friends who went to Perry know about a lot of things that HDW did when we were in school that was not right-along with other administrators and we are quite thankful that someone was willing to “take the heat” and do the legally correct thing for the township. Maybe you think they didn’t go about it in the right fashion, but the end result is the same. In closing, I will bow out now as I realize I can’t say anything to you or inform you of anything that I know that you will ever acknowledge (hmmm…just like past boards?) The good ol boy network is being demolished! Who would have thought it would take 4 women to do it.

  77. 77 Amy Stinson Jun 4th, 2007 at 10:48 am

    To Creating Havoc:

    You said:

    “Exactly the opposite, I am extremely loyal to my governments, and would never think about being disaffected to them.”

    Actually disaffected is a resentment against authority.

    You said:
    “I am in full support of what the board has done. I am not in full support of the way they have done it, but am extremely pleased with the end product. The end does justify the means in this case.”

    I do not believe the end justifies the means, nor do I believe the how becomes irrelevant unless you want to live in a world of relativism. Excusing the behavior based on who it’s being used against is a form of bullying. I’m also amazed that putting this township in turmoil is a pleasing thing to you.

    You said:
    “I refuse to support a leader that uses bully tactics and generally does not know how to handle his position.”

    And you don’t think the majority board is using bullying tactics and is mishandling their positions? I have found their behavior in those 2 areas more overt than anything observed coming from him.

    You said:
    “It’s been a good ole’ boy system too long. Time to move on HDW, BB knew what to do. KC knew what to do. Now it is HDW turn to leave the district.”

    I don’t know who you’re talking about, but maybe they had reasons to move on. Anyone who finds themselves (or believes they are) on the outside tends to cry good ole boy system. If you believe these women on the board aren’t constructing a good ole boy system of their own, you are only fooling yourself.

    You said:
    “I voted for serveral members on this school board, they are on both sides, of this issue. Some have become to great of friends with the employees of the district.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. I have found things work better when people get along. What I have noticed out of the board majority is that getting along isn’t a high priority, and they only get along with people who agree with them. They attract those kinds of people as supporters, which makes one big dysfunctional mess.

    You said:
    “Many of the current board members and especially most of the former board members misunderstood what their roles were in this government body. Many fell into the trap of riding HDW’s coat tails, HDW should have been riding the coat tails of our ELECTED OFFICIALS.”

    You really do not get the role of board member and how a board should function. Not one of the it-getters in life.

    You said:
    “Amy you must be from the SOUTH POLE, you are an angry Elf.”

    I’d rather be me than you.

  78. 78 Punishment was served Jun 4th, 2007 at 5:33 pm

    To “A Real MSDPT Employee”

    You missed the point I was trying to make entirely, which does not surpirise me in the least. The point I was trying to make and the question that I asked was this: Would this have situation have been blown way out of porportion has Steve Maple, JoEllen Buffie or Gail Houchen done the same thing? That’s what my question was. The answer you gave me by stating that none of the 3 would have ever done something like this says it all! It would not have been a major deal.

  79. 79 Creating Havoc Jun 4th, 2007 at 6:07 pm


    The authority in the schhool district is the SCHOOL board. Dr. Williams has no authority over me and UNLESSare a staff member in the district he never had any over you. Disaffected, really has to do with disappoval of GOVERNMENTS. God I hope you are not a teacher.

    I know the role of the board members, it’s you who does not understand the proper role. WHy don’t you do yourself a favor and go check out one of the other surrounding districts school board meetings. You would be amazed at how the whole system really is supposed to work.

    If you want someone managing our schools who can only convey a message with off the cuff remarks about burning down someone’s house or using guns, then I am glad NOT to be you. I don’t care if it was in his personal bathroom with only his dogs to hear. It was wrong.

    After all this time, are you telling me that you see no problems with anything that Dr. Williams has done?

    Why NO comments about TBFC??????? You and your BOTS are creating all the turmoil in this district.

    The word should be out soon. Will they be recused or not?

  80. 80 A Real MSDPT employee Jun 4th, 2007 at 7:44 pm

    To “Punishment was served”,
    I believe it is you that is missing the point. Throughout all of the years of students being punished and missing the graduation walk, no school board member ever has done what Mrs. Walsh did. If anyone had, then yes it would be just as big of a deal because it would have been just as wrong. My whole point was that school board members, or least all of them past and present outside of Mrs. Walsh has had more common sense.

  81. 81 PM graduate '07 Jun 4th, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    If the Admin says the story is becoming increasingly clearer, shouldn’t the post’s title reflect that? In no way did Mrs. Walsh hold the ceremony. Yes, she was there, but she just stopped in to congratulate the grads. She didn’t orchestrate the whole matter.

  82. 82 Admin Jun 4th, 2007 at 11:46 pm

    PM graduate,

    Read this comment

    “One of myh sons friends explained that she asked him about the diploma pick up at an open house on the previous Sunday. She offered to distribute the diplomas ceremoniously so they could have some kind of formal service.”

    I don’t think she just “stopped” in. She didn’t just “congratulate” the grads.

  83. 83 Creating Havoc Jun 5th, 2007 at 12:00 am


    Please tell me how you know for a fact this has never been done before? The only reason this happened to even come up was that the admin of this web-site found out about it through my space and face book. There was never a website like this before.

    There has never been a group that is so upset with the school board. That will turn around a great thing, four young men graduating, for the record, about 2.5 of these boys friends didn’t make it to the last semester and have a chance to graduate. I think it is important to remember that.

    I have always told my children that you should think about who it effects with there actions. I think if these boys realized that it only punked the custodial staff and caused them more work, it probably wouldn’t have happened.

    This site contains half truths and misrepresents what is happening in our schools.

    I am fairly confident that the admin of this site, did not just stumble upon these pictures. He was told where to find them.

    I have seen unflattering pictures of a school board member who appears intoxicated with her underage age daughter in the same condition. Our camp has choose to take a higher road, then to smear this school boards member name, just to prove a point.

    This mock graduation has nothing to do with what Dr. Williams has done to our school district.

    For everyone interested in the truth, the young men on the 2 ends were not getting their diplomas they were there to support their friends. This is how they were dressed at school that day. All day long. I think the administration should have done something long before the end of the day about there appearance.

    The glass is also half full if it is half empty. Let’s look at the real problems facing our community. I choose to be part of the solution.

    My mother always told me, ” You don’t have to like everybody, but you have to be respectful of everyone.”

  84. 84 Admin Jun 5th, 2007 at 12:19 am


    Nobody told me where to find these photos. Once I had heard about something taking place, I knew I could search around on MySpace or Facebook and find photos about it somewhere. As I was searching I had others send me one of the photos and other people mention them as being available. I didn’t post anything on the site I didn’t find for myself.

    As for you taking the high road, you must have forgotten that I can see the IP address that every comment submitted comes from. I’m not sure if you consider your glass half empty or full, but I can tell you it’s not clean with regards to being “respectful of everyone”.

  85. 85 Creating Havoc Jun 5th, 2007 at 7:09 am


    I have told you before there are several adult members in this home, I can not control what the others post on this site or what they believe.

    But, we all have had our share of experiences with Dr. Williams. And more often than not it was not a good experience. It amazes me that the TBPS effort can count students, infants and even dogs in the count of dissatisfied citizens, but you only expect one voice from this house hold. But, I wouldn’t expect anything more from this site though.

  86. 86 Teresa Smith Jun 5th, 2007 at 8:01 am

    To Creating Havoc:

    Definition of
    hav·oc /ˈhævək/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[hav-uhk] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb, -ocked, -ock·ing.
    –noun 1. great destruction or devastation; ruinous damage.
    –verb (used with object) 2. to work havoc upon; devastate.
    –verb (used without object) 3. to work havoc: The fire havocked throughout the house.
    —Idioms4. cry havoc, to warn of danger or disaster.
    5. play havoc with, a. to create confusion or disorder in: The wind played havoc with the papers on the desk.
    b. to destroy; ruin: The bad weather played havoc with our vacation plans.


    Creating havoc (your havoc is used as a noun — thus definition 1)

    1–Creating great destruction or devastation — ruinous damage


    Why would you choose to use an alias that suggests that you want to create great destruction or devastation?

    You stated, “This mock graduation has nothing to do with what Dr. Williams has done to our school district.”

    You are exactly right. I will state what I have said so many times. This is not about Dr. Williams and not about a lost election. This is about holding our elected officials accountable for actions. This is about elected officials taking matters into their own hands and not following the rules. This is about not sitting by while they are doing it. They are acting outside of the rules — that is wrong in my opinion.

    This is about what Nancy Walsh has done to our school district. She has acted out of line on several occasions. This latest “mock graduation” being one of them.

    We can go off on every tangent. However, the perception is that she was wrong. Over the weekend, there were ten different conversations — actual conversations and not blogs — that I was engaged in regarding the “mock graduation.” I was sitting in the stands at a baseball game and I hear, “Hey, Teresa, did you hear what Nancy Walsh did?” Not one person in the stands that became a part of the conversation defended Nancy. They all unanimously thought she was ridiculous and wrong. I called a family member and told them what she did. They said, “Why would she do that?” I talked to four fellow office mates — they rolled their eyes at Nancy Walsh. I told an IUPUI graduate who was a former PM graduate. She couldn’t believe it. I have never spoke with one person who thinks that Nancy Walsh is acting appropriately.

    Creating Havoc — Do you think that Nancy Walsh was appropriate in her involvement with the distribution of the diplomas at the “mock graduation?”

    I make no apologies for thinking she is wrong. I’ve known since the first meeting that Mrs. Walsh is in way over her head. She is not polished enough to serve as an elected official. She continues to prove my November position correct time and time again. Unfortunately, it is an embarrassment to our township. This time — she really hit a “home run” for behavior unbecoming of an elected school board official.

    It was unsettling to see her dodge questions and reword her answers when she was interviewed on the news. What a tangled web she weaves!

  87. 87 Josie Jun 5th, 2007 at 8:10 am

    To Creating Havoc:

    This happened on Tuesday May 29th. School was out for the summer. Stop making such wild accusations about them being dressed like fools all day. Perry’s dress code is a little more strict than that. You ALL need to be done talking about the kids. It is NOT about them!

  88. 88 thank you TBPS! Jun 5th, 2007 at 9:50 am

    But it is about the kids, not who they are, or how they are dressed…but the fact that they did something wrong, but thanks to Nancy are now part of a mockery…I think it is so low rent of Nancy to be smiling in those pictures that have a student half dressed…as a school board member, she shoud have a least excused herslf from those pictures ( I firmly believed she crossed so many lines with the “mock ceremony!) but the pictures she stood in …..she has no class, how tacky, no school board member should be so classless as she!!!

  89. 89 Jim Jun 5th, 2007 at 9:53 am

    Josie is right! Leave the kids out of this argument. They made a bad decision and were left with the consequences of suspension and not being able to participate in their Graduation ceremony. It’s the decisions made by the adults in charge of our school system that are open to opinion and discussion. The administration made a decision about punishment for these kids behavior. That decision should be open for discussion if you agree with the decision or don’t because it will set a precedent should this type of activity happen again. Secondly, Nancy Walsh chose to disregard the decision made by the administration and do what ever she personally thought was best. This decision should be open for discussion because she is an elected school board member. Her decision to have a private ceremony has now set standard of practice for any kid who gets suspended and told by administrators that they can’t attend their graduation. Just call Nancy Walsh and she will override any decision made by building administrators and give you a ceremony. The next student faced with this situation would be silly not to demand a private ceremony from Ms. Walsh if they indeed wanted one. I am not sure if it is ignorance or arrogance or both but Ms. Walsh definitely needs to understand the impact of her actions over time on this school district. Please keep the kid’s out of this argument so that they can move on to college and carreer without this tugging at them during their transition into these areas.

  90. 90 Admin Jun 5th, 2007 at 10:21 am

    I agree that we should leave the individual students affected by this out of the equation or argument. What they did doesn’t change anything that should be the actual concern in the situation. It’s not necessarily the next student that isn’t allowed to participate in the ceremony that concerns me, it’s the next student that does something else wrong and expects special treatment or a “hall pass” to get around their punishment or consequences.

  91. 91 creating havoc Jun 5th, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    Thanks for the definition.

    I feel that is all YOUR GROUP has been doing. Never had I said, This is my purpose.

  92. 92 Karma Jun 5th, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    Looks like Nancy got federal judge slapped.

  93. 93 To "READ THIS" Jun 5th, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    Obviously you have not kept up to date with things that have been going on in schools within the past 5-7 yrs, or you would never say
    “Because Perry Meridian High School is a public building, an individual does not have to be granted special privileges to be allowed inside it. Any individual (including Mrs. Nancy Walsh), as long as they are abiding by state and local laws, is allowed inside the building as long as it is not otherwise stated.” There is a process the one must go through before ANYONE, even teachers from other schools within the district, is allowed to enter. There must be a sheet signed telling who you are, what time you signed in, who you are there to see, and when you left. This is to PROTECT our staff and students. That is even depending on whether or not the person is even available to speak with the visitor. A VISITOR pass of some sort is given to the person so he can prove they checked in and isn’t someone there to do harm unnoticed.

    I obviously have choosen not to state my side at this time as that is not the purpose for my comment. My purpose is to only make it crystal clear that people can’t expect to walk into PMHS or any other school in PT and think they have automatic access just because it is “public.”

  94. 94 Owen Jun 5th, 2007 at 11:40 pm

    As outrageous as Nancy Walsh’s behavior was, the sad fact is that our School Board President not only condoned the action, but tried to defend it publicly. This just goes to show their lack of support for the administration.

  95. 95 Mrs. Butler Jun 6th, 2007 at 2:25 pm

    I read that in Fort Wayne, the 10 seniors who were involved in pranks (including the valedictorian and the salutatorian) have to perform 30 hours of community service before they can receive their diplomas. This is an interesting idea. I’m curious if other schools will choose to follow this example, or if they will choose to follow Mrs. Walsh’s example.

  96. 96 Amy Stinson Jun 6th, 2007 at 5:41 pm

    To Creating Havoc,

    First of all, the ‘havoc’ had a beginning. It began when certain board members were not getting their way in the sense that everyone wasn’t dropping whatever they were doing to see to a board member’s ‘needs’ that were not the result of a board action.

    Then these board members decided to take their personal grievances to the next level by placing somebody who made the effort to try and rein them in on leave.

    Since that time, several of them have continued to run amok by ignoring the school district policy on computer use, defied an administrator’s decision, based on school district policy in a very public manner, and overall deciding to redefine the role and office of board member and board officers without benefit of formal adoption of those changes.

    You, (apparently) in the past have decided to quietly ‘allow’ Dr. Williams to ‘have his way’, apparently not demanding accountability from him, yet applauding when people take matters into their own hands in what appears to be a method of dodging accountability to their fellow board members and constituents.

    If you really had that much problem with Dr. Williams, you were free to openly state your case at any time in the past 13 years. But the truth as I see it is that it didn’t matter to you enough to put yourself out there to have your values publicly inspected. I can understand why because the anonymous among the board supporters have a tendency to degrade through labels and name calling those who have been open in their disagreement with the way the board has chosen to make decisions. You apparently fear receiving what you give.

  97. 97 Nathan Jun 6th, 2007 at 6:30 pm

    Indy Star’s Matthew Tully makes a lot of sense, if you wish to support Perry Township students. But if you’re only crying for Dr. W and don’t give a fig about the students (ahem, more than a few people on here), than Tully probably won’t make a lot of sense to you.

  98. 98 Creating Havoc Jun 6th, 2007 at 8:05 pm

    Do you ever smile Amy Stinson?

  99. 99 To Nathan Jun 7th, 2007 at 6:11 am

    Nathan, Have you read the posts on Tully’s blog? Take some time and read them. They are interesting and insightful. Matt even posted.

  100. 100 To Nathan Jun 7th, 2007 at 7:35 am

    I have read Mr. Tully’s article. It did not make a lot of sense to me and I DO care greatly about Perry students. You might disagree with the majority of people being vocal about this issue, but we think that having Dr. Williams as our superintendent is what is best for Perry students. The main point of Mr. Tully’s article is that since the four board members are too stubborn to give even an inch and work with Williams, then he should resign. Tully says that would make Williams a hero. Many others and I completely disagree. That would make him a quitter and he has come too far now to quit. A hero is someone who stands up and fights for what is right. It’s going to take more than a news reporter who, let’s be honest, has done very little work in following this story quoting Dr. Phil to get a true hero to give up.

  101. 101 To Nathan Jun 7th, 2007 at 2:11 pm

    Until a couple of weeks ago I was a Perry Twp. student, so I am pretty sure that you can be assured that I want what is best for my friends and teachers, but Tully’s article made zero sense to me. He simply stated the obvious in the beginning and then did a 180 without even providing actual reasons or outcomes of his “solution.” What is best for Perry students is a unified township that deserves to be respected. I have felt a significant difference that has negatively affected our township ever since this problem started, and regardless of whether Dr. Williams is reinstated, I feel that the divide will remain deep and be injurious for students. I know that all of the students want is to return to how things used to be and finally be able to put everything behind them. All that I ever hear from the 4 board members is that they want the best for the students…then they hire a new lawyer, they want the best for the students…then they drag themselves into lawsuits, they think that they throw in a couple of buzz phrases to show sympathy, and “they are doing this for the students” If this is what happens when they try to “help” students, I would hate to see what they would do when they’re not trying to help us.
    Nicole Nathan
    Southport Graduate 2007

  102. 102 Nathan Jun 7th, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    Have you really heard that “all of the students want is to return to how things used to be and finally put everything behind them”? That’s just putting words in people’s mouths. :) But anyways, I’m not here to call out logic flaws…

    I am also an ‘07 grad (of PM), so it’s not like I’m out of the loop or anything…

    Look, if Williams was to return, we would face the school board bickering about the superintendent until 2010 (by which time all school board members will have been up for reelection). Everything won’t be all hunky dory if Williams returns to a panel of bosses that genuinely dislike him. There would be a lingering dissension amongst the board and much of the other matters that the school board should be dealing with would be effectively stalled. Many votes, no matter the issue at hand, would fall 4-3 because of who on the board is voting in favor.

    Williams is well off. He’s got money, he’s got respect from other educators - he’ll get a job as quickly as he begins applying for them. In fact, I’m sure he could find a better job than being a superintendent of a rather mediocre township. If you truly support Williams (the title of this site), I don’t see how you can find that a bad option. He’ll be better off than he is now, for goodness sakes!

    Meanwhile, the board would finally put the matter behind them. Another superintendent would be hired (sure, the four will greatly influence the choice for the next superintendent - but I rather doubt they’ll pick a bad candidate. They might pick someone that many of you on here dislike - mainly because the four picked him - but he’ll be a competent, intelligent, qualified leader.) They could back out of the spotlight and begin once again to focus on improving the schools and the students.

  103. 103 Admin Jun 7th, 2007 at 11:39 pm

    We Support Williams because he’s the best man for the job in Perry Township right now. With everything laying before the district with current infrastructure, school crowding and performance, we need a Superintendent that doesn’t need to spin his wheels getting up to speed or figuring out what’s going on in the township. For this reason, the board at hand is still crucial.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think Nancy Walsh and Susan Adams would be backing out of the spotlight anytime soon.

    If Dr. Williams didn’t come back to Perry Township, we would still support him and wish him the best. And you’re right, we’d still move forward with the issues at hand and work through them the best we could.

    It may be a bad analogy, but let me put it this way. If Peyton Manning and the offensive line weren’t working well together. I’d ditch the entire offensive line before I’d just sit back and let Peyton walk off to another team. And that would be if the offensive line were actually competent and capable of doing their job. I honestly don’t believe three of the four majority members are competent at being a board member. For that reason, they are the ones that need to go, not Dr. Williams.

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