A Condensed Chronology of Events

Gary Owen just had an absolutely great and informative comment on this site. I believe it provides exactly the type of overview someone needs that may be just coming into this situation or seeing it from the outside.

As a parent, voter and taxpayer in Perry Township I am concerned about what these elected officials are doing to our schools, taxes, property values, etc. I may not be able to replace them till the next election, but I did not elect them to carry out personal vendettas that don’t benefit MSDPT, and I will not step aside to let them do whatever they want. Our elected officials need to be accountable to their public. This may have a negative effect by amplifying the Boards actions and I regret that. But, I believe to keep quiet while these Board members destroy our schools would be a greater travesty. In addition to walking out of Board meetings, the 4 members have been rude, insulting, name calling, and condescending to the public, teachers and administrators. Below is a condensed chronology of events .

* 4 members conspired and gained control of School Board Officer Positions.
* Adams modifies and misrepresents Atty. Borgmanns renewal contract .
* Adams & Walsh begin micromanaging.
* Williams reprimands Walsh for overstepping her job description
* Thompson files false police report against Williams
* 4 members hire Atty. Bailey to Investigate Williams
* Adams lies to other board members and public at board meeting.
* 4 members place Williams on administrative leave.
* 4 members vote against mediation with Dr. Williams.
* New Tech HS Delayed till 2008.
* NESSI Grant lost for 2007.
* Thompson calls for independent audit (potential cost $100,000).
* 4 members vote against mediation with Dr. Williams.
* Open Public Forum approved.
* Bailey attends Finance meeting - no major violations of law.
* 4 members hire board facilitator - reject free facilitator.
* Delayed Open Public Forum.
* Adams reads Timeline.
* Adams reads Finance Meeting Report - makes unsupported accusations.
* Adams claims Williams termination to only cost $36,000. (Actual costs over $500,000)
* Indianapolis Star - No evidence to justify Williams suspension.
* 4 members hire Lafayette Atty. & assistant to investigate Williams.
* Adams & Thompson want to rehash approved Edison contract.
* 4 members vote against mediation with Dr. Williams.
* 4 members ignore request to schedule Open Pubic Forum.
* 4 members want to reopen approved construction bids.
* Teacher survey - 97% have no confidence in this board.

Note: Contrary to what some may want you to believe, Dr. Williams is NOT terminated…he is on administrative leave! He can be reinstated! However, the real issue here is not Dr. Williams. The real issue is the unethical behavior of 4 members of this board!

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  1. 1 Owen Mar 20th, 2007 at 10:38 am

    To those of you who may not be familiar with the issues. I just wanted to let you know, the condensed chronology events I highlighted are more like chapter headings. In and of themselves, the headings may not appear to be that bad. However, when you are able to investigate and understand the underlying events and issues, then you will begin to appreciate why we feel the way we do.

    If anyone has any questions about any of the items I listed. I would be happy to provide resources and references.

  2. 2 Gwen Freeman Mar 20th, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    I agree this is the kind of information that needs to be shared with ALL the taxpayers and voters in Perry Township. No, we did not knowingly elect these incompetent board members, and no, we did not expect the petty, personal vendetta types of behavior from elected officials. Our recourse today is limited, but I encourage everyone that is actively involved with the Take Back Perry Schools initiative to talk with your neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc., to make sure we never have to endure this type of public embarrassment in Perry Township again! Vote in the next primary election to ensure this board voting block is broken up and stopped.

  3. 3 Blake Willsey (PM Alum) Mar 22nd, 2007 at 11:51 pm

    It’s surprising to see what all can go wrong in a years time. I for one never thought something like this mess could actually happen. Heck I haven’t been this shocked since the first time I saw the movie Fight Club. However, a basic chronological order of events does help a lot especially when one is giving a speech of this mess. Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. 4 Owen Mar 23rd, 2007 at 10:33 am

    Copy the letter and send it to your State Representatives and State Senator. (Don’t forget to change the name!)

    Dear Rep. David Frizzell,

    Thanks for taking an interest in our concerns about the Perry Township School Board. The 4 members who make up a majority continue to dismantle the Metropolitan School District of Perry Township (MSDPT). Our concerns as taxpayers, voters, homeowners and parents continue to be ignored by these 4 members who appear to be on a personal agenda. A recent teacher survey, 655 teachers voted (from a pool of 800 teachers) and 97% voted no confidence in this board. The PEA and NEA have taken the stand that this is a rogue board. The Indianapolis Star has taken the stand that this boards actions are personal with no evidence to support their positions. They continue to violate the Code of Ethics and By-Laws without recourse. They are also on record, lying to the public and other board members, at school board meetings.

    As a Politician, I am sure you are aware how sensitive the public is to tax increases. Their actions are costing MSDPT $Millions in lost grants, superintendent buyouts, & legal fees. MSDPT is already strapped for funds and a property tax increase appears inevitable. As a homeowner, I am concerned about the impact on property values. As any realtor or new home consultants will attest, in addition to price, home buyers always ask about the quality of the local schools and property taxes.

    What would be of the most benefit, would be legislation that would allow us to remove, hold accountable, the elected school board members. According to ‘Roberts Rules’: “On the other hand, if the bylaws state a term for the office but add “or until [the officer’s] successor is elected,” or contain other wording explicitly indicating that the officer may be removed before the term expires, then the election can be rescinded (see Chapter 7 of RONR In Brief) and a successor then elected for the remainder of the term.”

    I can understand how this can send shivers up the spine of elected officials, but there would have to be a petition of signatures, in greater quantity, than the number that elected you to that position, at the last election. I doubt that number could ever be reached for our representatives, elected at a general election.

    The school board members are usually elected with a low number of voters. I am suggesting you introduce a resolution to help remove rogue school board members, and hold them accountable to their public.

    ie: “School Board Members shall serve the term they were elected to or until the School Board Member successor is elected.”

    Making this State Law will benefit all residences in the State.


    Here is a link to your state representatives and local offices. Simply input your address.


  5. 5 Ron- Southport Staff Mar 23rd, 2007 at 10:50 am

    It is just tragic about the loss of Jacob Branam.

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