Things I’m Still Waiting On

After thinking back for the past few weeks on accusations and innuendo that’s been shared, I’m reminded that we still don’t have answers from people who say they have all the facts and knowledge but aren’t willing to share it. On some occasions they’ve even stated they’re willing to share it with me, but have yet to do so.

I put together this post of some of my “open” questions that aren’t getting answered. I’ve included links back to the comments for supporting information if you’re interested.

  1. What problems keep mounting against TBPS?
  2. What the problem is with Edison bonuses? It’s in the contract plainly stated. Do you have a problem with educators finally getting rewarded for jobs well done?
  3. Where is the proof of kickbacks?
  4. Why is William-ized afraid of letting us know who he/she is?
  5. Why William-ized thinks I’m paid by taxpayers?
  6. Why TBPS asking for facts and information is considered “hell raising”
  7. Why if William-ized is concerned for teacher’s livlihood, he’s excited to publish and strip teachers of well-earned compensation?
  8. How William-ized can say everything is still taking place as expected in the township, teachers are teaching, kids are educated and buildings aren’t falling down, but then accuse TBPS of negatively impacting those same things?
  9. Or since he knows so much about TBPS, why he think it’s only made up of teachers, vendors and past school board members? I fit none of those categories, and neither do most of the people that consider themselves a part of our group.
  10. Why won’t Joe Momma share the info with me he said he would?
  11. For Kelly M/S to share the supporting information on her accusations that local newspapers are staffed by relatives of Dr. Williams and Lee Robbins.
  12. Who’s going to win American Idol this season?

Okay, that last one really doesn’t have anything to do with this situation, but I felt better about having an even 12 questions.

I’m pursuing a few of these options on my own, but alas, the available time in my day to maintain everything I’m responsibile for on a variety of fronts makes it hard for me to play Columbo as much as I’d like. Wouldn’t it be nice if I got paid a few hundred dollars an hour to do this stuff? But, that jobs already taken.

3 Responses to “Things I’m Still Waiting On”

  1. 1 William-ized Mar 8th, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    do not worry about me ADmn.. I am not near as curious about any of you.

  2. 2 Joe Mamma Mar 8th, 2007 at 2:39 pm

    I’ve sent you an e-mail on the other address you gave me. I’m waiting on a reply from you. Thanks

  3. 3 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 4:43 pm

    Trust me, I’m not worried about you William-ized.

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