An Informative Recap of Events by Owen

One of the commenters on the site, Owen, recently left this very nicely written and informative recap of some of the events that have gotten us to where we find ourselves today.

The school board did approve Williams contract 7-0. (Fact)

“Everytime the board had something that they wanted to know they were call micro-managers.” The purpose of the School Board is to set policy, not micro-manage MSDPT. If they have a problem with Dr. Williams not providing receipts, set the policy they no reimbursements will be provided until receipts are provided.

“Three of the 4 board members favored Williams and his style of leadership. Four did not.” (Opinion)

“The other two members were experienced and I may say great representatives of our township. Again they are personal friends of Williams and agreed with his management style.” (Opinion)

Rubie Alexander: I can understand how offensive the “N” word is to our generation. I can also understand the importance of keeping historical perspectives accurate. Dr. Williams did not suggest that PMHS perform “Ragtime”, he only supported the teachers decision.

Edison Contract - The Edison contract is legal and has been reviewed by an independent legal firm. If the 4 board members have a problem with the edison contract…why did they renew it?

As I mentioned earlier, this is not just about Dr. Williams (aka: head of the snake), it is about the unethical methods and by-law violations by the “gang of four”. If you go back and review the minutes of the meetings (ie: 10/23/2006 and 11/13/2006), you will see that Sue Adams has repeatedly lied to the other board members and to the public. We were told Mr. Bailey was hired to investigate Dr Williams, $8,500 and 3 months later, Mr. Bailey found no violations supporting termination. Now we are told that we need to hire 2 additional lawyers to “begin” investigating Dr. Williams. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Walsh met with Mr. Nichols and asked him if he would be willing to assume the duties of Superintendent before the school board meeting. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Walsh met with Mr. Williams and informed him they were placing him on administrative leave before the school board meeting. When Mrs. Buffie asked Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Walsh why she had not been contacted about this action, they responded that they knew she would support Dr. Williams. Mrs. Adams admitted that she has been in discussion with Attorney Bailey since early October about Dr. Williams. Despite several requests from Mr. Maple for public input, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Thompson voted not to allow public comment and then voted to place Dr. Williams on administrative leave. Now they are trying to convince us that the true cost to terminate Dr. Williams will be around $35,000 - $38,000!

On January 8th, 2007, the school board passed a resolution to hold a Town Hall Meeting, now they refuse to schedule it.

To sum all this up in a reply to you, these are just the high points. The actions of these four women have divided this township. They do not have the ethical, moral, and leadership qualities I expect from our school board members. Whether or not they manage to terminate Dr. Williams, the end will not come until these board members are gone.

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  1. 1 Dora Oct 24th, 2008 at 1:07 am

    This is great info to know.

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