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TBPS Files Suit Against the School Board

Take Back Perry Schools files suit against the school board. The announcement was made today at 2:00pm, by legal representation from Ed Delaney.

More details

A Condensed Chronology of Events

Gary Owen just had an absolutely great and informative comment on this site. I believe it provides exactly the type of overview someone needs that may be just coming into this situation or seeing it from the outside.

As a parent, voter and taxpayer in Perry Township I am concerned about what these elected officials are doing to our schools, taxes, property values, etc. I may not be able to replace them till the next election, but I did not elect them to carry out personal vendettas that don’t benefit MSDPT, and I will not step aside to let them do whatever they want. Our elected officials need to be accountable to their public. This may have a negative effect by amplifying the Boards actions and I regret that. But, I believe to keep quiet while these Board members destroy our schools would be a greater travesty. In addition to walking out of Board meetings, the 4 members have been rude, insulting, name calling, and condescending to the public, teachers and administrators. Below is a condensed chronology of events .

* 4 members conspired and gained control of School Board Officer Positions.
* Adams modifies and misrepresents Atty. Borgmanns renewal contract .
* Adams & Walsh begin micromanaging.
* Williams reprimands Walsh for overstepping her job description
* Thompson files false police report against Williams
* 4 members hire Atty. Bailey to Investigate Williams
* Adams lies to other board members and public at board meeting.
* 4 members place Williams on administrative leave.
* 4 members vote against mediation with Dr. Williams.
* New Tech HS Delayed till 2008.
* NESSI Grant lost for 2007.
* Thompson calls for independent audit (potential cost $100,000).
* 4 members vote against mediation with Dr. Williams.
* Open Public Forum approved.
* Bailey attends Finance meeting - no major violations of law.
* 4 members hire board facilitator - reject free facilitator.
* Delayed Open Public Forum.
* Adams reads Timeline.
* Adams reads Finance Meeting Report - makes unsupported accusations.
* Adams claims Williams termination to only cost $36,000. (Actual costs over $500,000)
* Indianapolis Star - No evidence to justify Williams suspension.
* 4 members hire Lafayette Atty. & assistant to investigate Williams.
* Adams & Thompson want to rehash approved Edison contract.
* 4 members vote against mediation with Dr. Williams.
* 4 members ignore request to schedule Open Pubic Forum.
* 4 members want to reopen approved construction bids.
* Teacher survey - 97% have no confidence in this board.

Note: Contrary to what some may want you to believe, Dr. Williams is NOT terminated…he is on administrative leave! He can be reinstated! However, the real issue here is not Dr. Williams. The real issue is the unethical behavior of 4 members of this board!

Edison’s Not the Only For Profit in the Township

I’ve got to bring a recent comment to the forefront so I can respond to it. I was going to just write up my own post in general, but this comment does a good job of vocalizing a seeming consensus of concerns about Edison. I’ll break-up my response below after each paragraph.

One of my issues with Edison is that it is a ‘for profit’ system. Someone, somewhere, is making money from this relationship. A profit motive is driving the the Edison value system. Edison needs growth to survive and that is why they sell local school systems on their ’superior’ education products. Williams was sold on the idea and Perry Township become another revenue stream for Edison. I don’t think the share holders of Edison (Nasdaq: EDSN) would be happy if Terry Stecz would say “we are a not-for-profit corporation”.

Do you think Edison is the only company making a profit off our children? Last time I checked, textbooks were the equivalent to highway robbery. What about all those big yellow buses? I believe Thomas or Blue Bird are making a pretty penny on every single one that’s cruising around the township multiple times a day. What about the food suppliers that feed our kids? What about the teachers themselves, what are they thinking actually trying to make money off of teaching our kids? With this line of reasoning, our football fields should be turned into gardens so we can grow our own food for lunch programs and revamp our shop programs to start building our own fleet of buses. Also, you should do more research on Edison, they are no longer a public company and no longer listed on NASDAQ.

I applaud the free enterprise system as competition excites innovation in product and service. However, free enterprise belongs in the private sector. Turning the management of public schools supported by public tax dollars to a private enterprise violates this principle.

Exactly what principle is violated? You didn’t mention one, so I’m guessing that you’re stating innovation only belongs in the private sector. I’ll totally disagree with that one, one of the reasons our entire national educational system is where it is today is because there as been a significant lack of innovation in our educational methods as a standard. Organizations like Edison, New Tech High and other charter school organizations are bringing much needed changes to education in America.

Since Edison is a private company and they manage Rosa Parks and Jeremiah Gray, those schools should be considered private schools and should be financially supported 100% by the parents with kids enrolled at those schools, not with the tax dollars collected from the parents who have kids in non Edison schools. How many parents would send their kids to an Edison school if they had to pay private school tuition in addition to their property taxes?

I would love to have the opportunity to not pay the portion of my taxes to the government that pays for public education. If I were allowed to make that choice and then invest that money in my kids education in the school I chose, I’d do it in a heart beat. I have a problem with my tax dollars being wasted on kids who have no interest in getting an education, but who are kept in standard classrooms to raise the graduation rates or for requirements of No Child Left Behind.

Respecting the Expectation of Anonymity for Disrespectful People

There’s lots of discussion in recent comments about various individuals that are active on this site not sharing who they are with the public. My personal preference would be that everyone the makes a comment on the website be open and honest about who they are and willingly put their name with their comments.

My minimum preference would be that even if people used pseudonyms or screen names that were displayed publicly, they would at least provide a legitimate e-mail address for them to be contacted by if a question arose by me about their facts or opinions.

I’d also expect that nobody would say something in their comments to someone that they wouldn’t be willing to say to their face, but that doesn’t appear like it would happen either.

However, in a recent comment I explained my position on this subject for this website and wanted to share it with everyone so that it will be public and hopefully understood if not agreed with in the end.

I know that there are many people that will not understand my reasoning for defending the fact that regardless of what side of the argument someone is on this site, I WILL NOT provide information to the public that would give away the identity of those that have left comments if they have not shared that information themselves.

Defending their right to anonymity and respecting them for their actions and ability to talk to people in ways they wouldn’t face to face is an entirely different argument.

I will continue to allow anyone to make comments on this site regardless of their opinion. I will not put up with purely personal attacks on someone without adding something new to the argument. The only reason I’ve left the previous comment posted is so that I could respond to it and let everyone know my reasons behind my actions.

Things I’m Still Waiting On

After thinking back for the past few weeks on accusations and innuendo that’s been shared, I’m reminded that we still don’t have answers from people who say they have all the facts and knowledge but aren’t willing to share it. On some occasions they’ve even stated they’re willing to share it with me, but have yet to do so.

I put together this post of some of my “open” questions that aren’t getting answered. I’ve included links back to the comments for supporting information if you’re interested.

  1. What problems keep mounting against TBPS?
  2. What the problem is with Edison bonuses? It’s in the contract plainly stated. Do you have a problem with educators finally getting rewarded for jobs well done?
  3. Where is the proof of kickbacks?
  4. Why is William-ized afraid of letting us know who he/she is?
  5. Why William-ized thinks I’m paid by taxpayers?
  6. Why TBPS asking for facts and information is considered “hell raising”
  7. Why if William-ized is concerned for teacher’s livlihood, he’s excited to publish and strip teachers of well-earned compensation?
  8. How William-ized can say everything is still taking place as expected in the township, teachers are teaching, kids are educated and buildings aren’t falling down, but then accuse TBPS of negatively impacting those same things?
  9. Or since he knows so much about TBPS, why he think it’s only made up of teachers, vendors and past school board members? I fit none of those categories, and neither do most of the people that consider themselves a part of our group.
  10. Why won’t Joe Momma share the info with me he said he would?
  11. For Kelly M/S to share the supporting information on her accusations that local newspapers are staffed by relatives of Dr. Williams and Lee Robbins.
  12. Who’s going to win American Idol this season?

Okay, that last one really doesn’t have anything to do with this situation, but I felt better about having an even 12 questions.

I’m pursuing a few of these options on my own, but alas, the available time in my day to maintain everything I’m responsibile for on a variety of fronts makes it hard for me to play Columbo as much as I’d like. Wouldn’t it be nice if I got paid a few hundred dollars an hour to do this stuff? But, that jobs already taken.

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