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Sorry for the Delay in Moderating Comments

My apologies to everyone for not getting comments moderated in a timely fashion. I’ve been in bed literally for the past 48 hours trying to fight the flu and possibly pneumonia. I ask you to please be patient with me if you don’t see your comment posted as quickly as you would like.

Response to Joe Mamma - More Clarification on Concerns and Frustrations

I just finished quite a lengthy response to a recent comment made by “Joe Mamma”. I hope I communicated our concerns and challenges adequately, so I wanted to bring it to the top of the conversation and make sure others can provide their input to my concerns and response.

Joe Mamma,

Not sure why you read anger in my response. I’m not mad at all. It actually takes quite a bit for me to get actually angry about something. I’m just frustrated that I wasn’t involved earlier and did at least something more to try to have kept some of these school board members from getting elected.

Regarding your comments:

Edison meeting: I don’t think anybody has ever stated the meeting never happened. I believe the statements are that it didn’t happen as stated and that the comments made have been taken out of context. Seems like the M.O. of the gang of four of pretty much everything they do. The reason Dr. Williams didn’t deny him saying the comments is that they were said, or something similar. The problem is that the entire context of the comments are not being shared. Dr. Williams reference to BB’s and 12-gauge’s was in response to a teacher’s question about what they could do next to help support their school. I find it odd that the board and anti-Williams supporters are criticizing teachers and parents for being passionate about their school.

[Side note, I’m not sure why you’re going ahead and spelling out some of your words. We know exactly what you’re saying and I’m the one that moderates comments, so your comments will make it through]

$700 Dinners: You stated, “I feel someone is spending our taxpayers money pretty foolishly. That I’m not happy with.” So, you’re unhappy with that, but you don’t care about a board member requesting hugely expensive 3rd party audit without doing her own research, you approve of the money being spent to hire an additional attorney, you approve of the money being spent for a facilitator when we could have a free one, you approve of the money being spent on security at school board meetings that’s unneeded, you approve money being paid to our superintendent for doing nothing because they don’t have anything they can actually use to fire him, you approve of significantly increasing the pay of the interim supt.? I believe the board has mismanaged finances to a far more damaging degree in 3 months than Dr. Williams ever has in 13 years.

360 Degrees: Susan stated that teachers should make a 360 degree turn with their efforts. If they did that they’d be facing the same way they were initially. Little, but obvious mistake.

Graduation Rate: stay tuned about this one, I’ll be posting something on the TBPS site this evening about this.

Statements by School Board Members: You stated, “Seems to me that they can’t say these things in public unless they are true or at least they have to be able to back them up. I was referring to the school board.” Seemingly they can, and they can also package them up in a media kit and hand them to the press as from the entire board, when it was nothing of the sort. Yet, the public can’t say anything in the alotted time for public comments. We can’t ask about personnel issues and the board can’t share, until Susan Adams decides to almost read from Dr. William’s personnel file at the Monday night board meeting. She didn’t deny it either. I may not get the quote verbatim, but she said something along the lines of “surely I can talk about personnel issues if I want to since I’m the President”. Ummm, wrong!

Comments about yelling/hatefulness: The entire auditorium was nothing but civil when the four board members left. It was probably one of the best opportunities for public comment I’ve ever seen at a school board meeting. Everyone that spoke was intelligent, respectfully and courteous. You want to know why? Because the three board members that remained and Mr. Nichols respected us and listened intently to what we had to say. They didn’t smirk, sneer, pass notes, ding or interupt us. Regarding examples to my kids? I want them to see that when things aren’t right, you must stand up and fight for what is right. I’ve done nothing that I wouldn’t be proud of my son doing in the same situation. I wonder if the four board members could say that about their own children and their actions.

Mark Thompson’s Email/Vmail: I do have examples of his bullying and threats. However, I’ve been asked by the individuals on the receiving end not to publish them because of their concern over him lashing out more. I’m still trying to encourage them to allow me to publish them. Hopefully I can convince them, because this type of behaviour should be exposed with a bright spotlight.

My wife: You commented, “I was referring to when she yelled out “You go Charlie”. And the chanting. The girls - the 4 board members.” Who is Charlie? Why would she yell that out?

Mob Behaviour: You commented, “As was pointed out Monday night and you would have heard it if you had stayed, I only left because of the Mob like behavior and I was afraid it was gonna get out of hand. I would of liked to of stayed. But with all the hate and ranting and raving going on, I thought it was best to leave with the kids.” You should have stayed, there was nothing even close to mob behaviour exhibited by the audience. You’re mistaken again.

Dr. Williams working with parents: I’ll agree with you on this one, but only to a point. There’s no way that ANY individual is going to make everyone happy, and shouldn’t be held responsible for doing so. As with any situation in the “real world” why wouldn’t you go above his head in this situation? He works for the board right? Why didn’t you go to the board? Did you? What else did you do? I’m not sure all the details of what happened in your situation, and by no means am I trying to belittle it or brush it under the carpet. But is something happens to my kids that would make me that upset towards an individual for not doing something, I’d still be yelling about it. Maybe that’s what you’re doing now. I don’t know.

Friends and checks/balances: You’re throwing some strong accusations around. Do you have proof that Dr. Williams had some kind of relationship with K.Carter? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be accusing anyone of it by name if I didn’t have rock solid proof. There have been rumors of this sort about other people that could be published on this, but I haven’t allowed it to happen. I’d caution you to be careful. You asked about checks/balances. I believe there are checks/balances for the supt., it’s called the school board. If they would have followed procedures and handled the situation like they should have, I’d probably be backing them more right now. The problem is they haven’t. Let me ask you this though, who holds the school board in check. As we’ve seen through this whole ordeal, the public/parents/citizens are powerless to really do anything. When we try, even those opposed to us outside the school board tell us to shut-up, “elections are over”, etc. How is a school board held in check? I personally believe a judicial oversight committee should be appointed and should be comprised of principals, teachers, parents, students, and local business leaders.

Best for children: It confuses me how you can say you want the best for children, but can agree with what’s happened in this township over the past few months. That’s a mystery to me.

Dr. Phil Talks About Perry Township

Okay, not directly but he did have this quote:

“The silent majority is as guilty as the person doing it.”
My wife and I thought that was a very pointed comment to our current situation.

Information Posted on PERRYSCHOOLS.INFO Website

Information Now Available on

Information is now posted on the website that was setup by Susan Adams. As we learned at Monday night’s board meeting, many of the statements and “facts” presented by Mrs. Adams in her letter were in fact not factual and instead were very misleading.

I’d like for anyone that can dispute these facts to either comment on this post, or e-mail me directly. I’ll be sharing later this evening dispute about the $700 board dinner with information that I received directly from Mr. Nichols. I will also be posting details about the incentives accusations against Edison schools. I would be very interested in getting a statement from Mr. Vance about the inaccuracies in the statements against him that were made by our board president.

Elected Officials and Rights

The following comments were shared by Georgia Stumpf at Monday night’s board meeting, in which four members of the board (Susan Adams, Nancy Walsh, Barbara Thompson and Rubie Alexander) denied the public the right to be heard by the board and walked out.

In America, citizens elect officials to work for them! This township elected you to work for us! That means you are responsible to us! Though I feel confident that absolutely no one in this township elected you to deny us our first amendment rights, that is exactly what you have done. Representing us requires that you respect us, listen to us, and answer our questions. Furthermore, it requires that you hand over all township information to all our elected Board members equally, at the same time, and to us when we ask for it.

However, here’s what you are doing to our rights: You

  1. Prohibit us from having input into issues coming up for a vote. Remember, these issues are ours!
  2. Prohibit employees from speaking about issues through fear or intimidation; these people have rights too.
  3. Cut us off from speaking with that insulting ding after only 2 min. – certainly an unreasonable time for saying much of anything.
  4. Under armed guard, removed us for saying what you don’t want to hear: think of this –armed guards!
  5. Tell us what we can and cannot say. If we disobey, we are removed by armed guards.
  6. Prohibit us from addressing members of the Board directly even though you seem to have no trouble at all addressing us directly from your mics.
  7. Lie or mislead us with deceptive language. We have the responsibility to correct you when you do this.
  8. Humiliate us, by name, from your elected seat or from anywhere else as though we are misbehaving children. You remaining Board members should absolutely not tolerate this!

In one way or the other, you have shut us and our voices down. News flash: This is America! We have First Ammendment rights! Furthermore, you are not the bosses, the queens, or God. You are our employees. You are a catastrophy for this township! You need to be fired!

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