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Dr. William’s Contract Renewal Was Unanimous

A recent comment on the site questioned whether or not Dr. Williams contract renewal was unanimous by 7-0 vote this past June.


Mrs. Hicks recommended approval of three-year contracts for Superintendent Williams, Associate Superintendents Oldham and Brown, and Assistant Superintendent Nichols. Mrs. Buffie made a motion to approve the contracts. Mrs. Berry seconded and the motion passed 7/0. Copies of the contracts are included with these minutes.

This was taken directly from the board minutes of June 26, 2006 that are available on the MSDPT website.

Payments to Vendors Delayed

There’s some follow-up information posted on the Take Back Perry Schools site regarding payments to district vendors not being made as regularly scheduled in previous years.

School Board Halts All Payments to District Vendors

There was a recent comment on the website that I thought was very interesting and needs to be brought to the forefront.

Um, is anyone aware that the board is no longer paying the schools bills?
They have put a freeze on paying vendors until the next board meeting on January 9th, 2007.

That means a LOT of people and companies are not happy as they didn’t get paid before Christmas and therefore didn’t get to buy gifts for their children, or pay their own bills. I know, as I am one who hasn’t been paid.

This freeze was made with NO NOTICE at all to the vendors, and from what I have learned from school officials, it is causing SERIOUS problems.

This is a completely outrageous action of the board to do, and I wonder if they are violating contracts by not paying people who have performed work and billed them properly.

I would not be surprised to see some lawsuits result from this. It is definitly going to hurt the schools which is a terrible thing to happen due to the boards irresponsible behavior.

I’m interested in hearing from anyone that can verify or invalidate this claim.

Take Back Perry Schools T-Shirts Available

If anyone would be interested in having an orange Take Back Perry Schools t-shirt, they’ll be available this weekend at a little shop in the Greenwood Mall.

More information here

The Questionning of Leadership

The following letter to the editor currently appears in the Indy Star Focus section.

Board member’s actions don’t back up position

Barbara Thompson, secretary of the Perry Township School Board, wrote a compelling letter to the editor Dec. 18 in which she declared Doug Williams’ lack of leadership as her reason to place him on administrative leave to pursue termination of his contract. She wrote in great detail her thoughts concerning leadership.

How can she be an accurate judge of his leadership skills when she took office only on July 10 and then voted to suspend him on Nov. 13? All this when the previous school board unanimously extended his contract, gave him a raise and an above-average to superior performance evaluation in all measurable categories in late June.

Was she a leader when she and three other members of the board publicly violated no less than nine policies and bylaws written in the Perry Township School Board manual since July 10? Some of this included refusing to allow the public to speak to the Williams issue, lack of communication with minority members of the board, discussion of board activities and potential decisions behind the backs of the minority members of the board, and making decisions and administering action on those decisions before such matters were publicly discussed and voted on by the full board.

She has shown no tangible proof of Williams’ lack of leadership but has publicly shown on numerous occasions that she does not deserve any position of public leadership.

Dave Strietelmeier Member, Perry Township School Board 1992-2000 Indianapolis

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