IndyStar Online Articles

Here are the links to the IndyStar articles about the school board meeting fiasco last night.

Perry schools chief placed on leave

“They’re saying they can pretty much set policy where board members are going to kick the superintendent out without review,” said board member Steve Maple, who said he learned Monday that four members were backing the effort to place Williams on leave.
Board Vice President Nancy Walsh said Williams was told Monday morning that an administrative leave motion would be added to the meeting agenda. The board voted multiple times not to hear public comment before the vote, angering many in the crowd.

and the direct link to the comments (currently 183) about the article and actions of the board

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  1. 1 Where'd they go? Jun 18th, 2007 at 9:49 am

    All but 16 of the comments are gone concerning the article published about Dr. Williams initial placing on leave are gone.

    Does anyone have a backup of the original blog?

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