I’ve had a number of people e-mail and contact me through the website wondering exactly who I am.

I initially started out with this site to be more of a “un-biased” voice in the whole ordeal. I’m in support of Dr. Williams and everything he’s done for Perry Township, but I’m more interested in getting to the real facts and determining what the best solution is going to be for the students of Perry Township. I’m not just talking about the current students either, as was stated in Monday night’s board meeting by someone else, Perry Township is at the beginning of a downward spiral that very well could impact students in the township that aren’t even on the planet yet, as well as the families of current students that are yet to be started.

I didn’t want my individual voice to have any more merit or weight than anyone else’s on this site.

Yet, with more and more people wondering and asking, I’ve decided to be completely up front and forward with exactly who it is behind the scenes of this site.

Jason BeanMy name is Jason Bean and I’m just one of the many concerned parents in Perry Township. I have a son that is a 1st grader at Rosa Parks-Edison Elementary school. My daughter will be starting kindergarten next year. My wonderful wife, Kim, has become actively involved in the school and regularly volunteers her time in the classroom multiple days a week and is active on the RPE PTA.

My family and I are fairly new to the community compared to many others who are in support of Dr. Williams and concerned about what’s taking place in the township. We’ve lived in Perry Township for about 5 years now I guess, and as I stated earlier, are only just now having our kids involved in the school system.

I attended the Monday night school board meeting and had the opportunity to speak. That was the beginning of my direct personal involvement in the situation, but it won’t be the end.

My wife has received a comment from a concerned parent that we should setup a website to show our support for Dr. Williams. I had the skills and resources needed to make that happen and I quickly went to work to make it a reality. In a few hours (up till 3am to be exact), the site was up and running and has been getting quite the activity and exposure. This is exactly what we wanted.

Thinking back on my life yesterday I remembered I had originally started college in my pursuit of becoming a high school biology teacher. I was following in the footsteps of the great teachers I had in high school and wanted to hopefully impact students in the same way they had done for me. Upon starting my first semester of college, I was immediately introduced into the classroom experience and was student teaching in a quaint little elementary school as a 4th grade teacher in central Ohio. I absolutely loved being in the classroom and building relationships with the students. I was actually reprimanded by my sponsoring teacher becauase he thought I was maintaining the professional restraint that I guess he thought I should have been exhibiting. I didn’t change, I continued to actively play with the students on the playground and on school trips and get to know them.

In addition to my classroom experience and other educational classes, one class I struggled with was “Education in American Society”. Granted, this class was important and talked about everything involved in the educational system including theory, learning methods, politics, management, administration, etc., etc. I hated it! I was torn between understanding the value of the information, but becoming frustrated over the politics and manipulation that seemed so evident in the history of education. In short, I eventually decided to change my major to Communication due to the frustrations with the process of becoming a teacher, when I loved actually being a teacher and learning in the greatest classroom on earth, the real world.

Now, 14 years later I find myself right back in the middle of exactly the area that drove me from education in the first place. This time I’m not going to back out quietly though and let others sort it out. I’m involved, I’m a parent, and I’m here to stay.

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